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Full body assessment including strength testing, flexibility testing and sport specific movement testing to uncover the root cause of your injury.

Customised exercise program based on root causes uncovered in your assessment, taking into consideration your injury history & chosen sport.

Exercise coaching to improve strength, flexibility, stability, & optimise sports performance.

Movement coaching to retrain the way that you move, which is likely contributing to your repeated injury.

Return to sport procedures to guide you from rehab, team training and back into matchplay successfully

Suitable for:

Those with repeat injuries to the same area, failed to recover previously or multiple injuries (injury prone).


Those with weakness, instability or flexibility issues.

Common conditions:

  • ACL, meniscus, MCL, LCL injuries previously.

  • Repeated hamstring strains or tendinopathy.

  • Repeated ankle sprains.

  • Lower back or neck pain.

  • Shoulder subluxations, dislocation or rotator cuff tears previously.

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What it looks like

Those that we have helped...

Suitable for:

Those who may have injured themselves bench pressing, deadlifting, squatting, or shoulder pressing.


Those who are new to the gym. 

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For gym based injuries, those that are new to lifting or want to level up their training.

  • Squat, deadlift, bench press or shoulder press assessment.

  • Learn proper technique in order to prevent your injury from coming back.

  • Exercise rehabilitation to return you back to pain-free benching, squatting & deadlifting. 

  • Exercise modification while you recover from your injury.

  • Goals based advice on gaining muscle, strength, fat loss & nutrition. 

  • Improved spinal & core strength.

  • Evidence based programming according to your goals and injury history. 

  • Improved flexibility & mobility, including recovery advice.

Suitable for:

Those with knee, hip, hamstring, calf, Achilles, ankle or foot pain.


Those with conditions such as ‘runners knee’, ITB syndrome, hamstring strains, shin splints, or calf strains.

Also appropriate for those not in pain, but wanting to improve their speed and run times.

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Good for easing pain when running, going up or down stairs, hills, or that sets on midway through your run.

Health benefits include:

  • Reducing your symptoms of pain, achiness, delayed soreness or swelling.

  • Biomechanics running assessment and coaching for your ideal running mechanics.

  • Improved lower body & core strength.

  • Customised exercise program to fix the underlying causes of your pain.

  • Prevent future injuries & improve performance.

Suitable for:

Those with repeated injuries or multiple injuries who haven't found a successful rehabilitation program elsewhere.

E.g. hamstring strains, recurring knee injuries, chronic ankle sprains or instability, calf and Achilles pain, and shoulder pain from upper body sports.

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For the sportsperson of any level who wants to successfully return back to their sport. 

Health benefits and inclusions:

  • Full body assessment specific to your sport.

  • Customised exercise program according to your current condition/s, injury history and assessment findings.

  • Exercise coaching to maximise your strength, flexibility & stability from your program.

  • Movement retraining for reduced injury risk and improved performance.

  • Return to sport testing.

  • Optimised sports performance.


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