Standard Package 1 Month - Online Coaching

Standard Package 1 Month - Online Coaching


This package is suitable if you need us to assess and diagnose your injury.

What it includes:

+ Video consultation for assessment and diagnosis for one area of injury.

+ Customised 4 week online program for one area of injury designed by our famous rehabilitation experts.

+ Delivered to you via TrueCoach App.
+ Accessible via mobile, PC or tablet


Common conditions that we see:



+ Lower back: Muscular low back pain, bulging discs, sciatica, postural issues, piriformis syndrome.

+ Neck: Sprain or strains, 'text neck', bulging discs, cervicogenic headaches.


Lower Body

+ Knee injuries: Meniscus, MCL, ACL, patellofemoro pain syndrome, osteoarthritis

+ Muscular injuries: Hamstring, quadriceps, calf, hip flexor, groin strains

+ Hip injuries: Impingement, labral tears, cam pincer impingement


Upper Body

+ Shoulder injuries: Rotator cuff, impingement, bursitis, AC joint

+ Tennis or golfer's elbow (Lateral or Medial epicondylalgia)

+ Wrist pain or weakness


Chronic Diseases
+ Osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, obesity, diabetes