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End Stage of Neck Rehabilitation

Neck pain can be multifactorial and in many cases not in relation to what your MRI may suggest. This means the rehab and treatment you receive should always be extra specific to YOUR NECK. It should focus on your muscle patterns, movement dysfunctions, posture, lifestyle habits, mobility limitations and areas of tightness.

This post is a small insight into what end stage rehabilitation of a neck injury/chronic neck pain could look like.

It is important to remember that the neck is shaped like a cylinder, meaning having appropriate strength on each ‘side’ is essential for building a healthy neck.

🎥 Exercises:

1) Resisted flexion - iso’s

2) Resisted flexion - dynamic

3) Resisted extension - iso’s

4) Resisted extension - dynamic

5) Resisted lateral flexion - ios’s

6) Active rotation

The exercises above cover a variation/level of strength for each movement of the neck.

It is important to note that all exercises should be involved in a neutral cervical spine position which is achieved (seen) by tucking the chin prior to the commencement of exercise.

We hope this post provides you with insight into your neck health!

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Alternatively, if you've been having ongoing neck tightness, upper back tension, have tried massage before with no long-term lasting effects... you may benefit from our Office Worker Programs. This program aims to improve your core strength & posture, as well as reduce your neck and upper back tension and tightness.

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