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Our Sydney sports physios are here to help with everything from injury prevention to performance recovery. Whether it’s from playing sports or working out in the gym, you deserve a physiotherapist that is as passionate about supporting your body, as you are about moving it.


The Infinite Health team of sports physios in Sydney are all active athletes and sports enthusiasts themselves, meaning they are experienced to help prevent sports injuries and to rehabilitate you to reach your peak level of sports-specific fitness.

Effective, research-driven sports physiotherapy treatment in Sydney. 

Sports Physio Sydney

How Sports Physiotherapy can help

Sports injuries can happen to anyone for several reasons, whether you're a casual weekend warrior or a dedicated athlete. Insufficient warmups, poor posture, incorrect technique, accidents, and chronic overuse can result in sports injuries that range from minor strains to the development of musculoskeletal issues. 

Sports physiotherapy is specifically targeted at addressing injuries that are a result of sports activity and aims to restore regular function in individuals to allow them to continue enjoying the sport.

At Infinite Health, our team of sports physiotherapists in Sydney understand that each sports activity involves different demands and pressures, which is why we adopt a customised approach for everyone we treat. Combining the best in sports and exercise science, we deliver:

  • Tailored treatment plans

  • Hands-on intervention

  • Practical guidance 

  • Injury prevention strategies

  • Patient education

  • Progressive exercise programs 

Our Sydney sports physios are experienced in treating all types of sports injuries - from acute injuries to soft tissue injuries, joint pain, and rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery. We also regularly attend training sessions to keep ourselves updated with the latest developments in sports science in order to offer effective, evidence-based treatments.

Between our expert team of sports physios across North Sydney, Chatswood, and the Sydney CBD sports clinic, we believe our sports therapy services can significantly assist in restoring and optimising your movement, relieving pain, and increasing your quality of life.

Our Sydney Sports Physio treatment process

Initial Clinical Diagnosis

We conduct a comprehensive physical examination to identify the root cause of your injury. As part of this process, we may require imaging to investigate the issue further. Once we have a good idea of what the issue is, we’ll discuss our findings with you to help you understand what you are facing. 

Specialised Treatment Plan

Our sports physiotherapists will create a treatment plan that’s specialised to your injury to fast-track your recovery. This plan will include an overview of the recovery timeline, as well as the specific in-clinic treatments and at-home exercises that will be applied. 

Expert Advice

To help you better manage your injury during the treatment and recovery process, our sports physios will provide you with expert advice and answer any questions you may have about your treatment plan or progress. We will also provide you with strategies to avoid incurring such injuries when you return to the track, field, or court.

Personalised Support for Recovery 

We’ll be with you every step of the way, providing everything that you need to make a full recovery in the shortest possible time. We understand your eagerness to get back into the game and strive to help you get there. 

Injuries and conditions our Sydney Sports Physios commonly treat:

A woman checks a man's neck for any issues.
  • General ligament sprains 

  • Muscle strains (hamstring, calf, quadriceps)

  • Achilles and patellar tendonitis

  • Joint injuries (bursitis, meniscus tears, labral tears)

  • Stress fractures in the lower leg or feet

  • Shin splints

  • Overuse injuries

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Tennis elbow

  • Golfer's elbow

  • Rotator cuff injuries

  • ACL tears

  • MCL tears

  • PCL tears

Why choose Infinite Health as your sports physio Sydney team?


A sports clinic and physiotherapy experience built around you

All treatments at Infinite Health begin with a thorough initial consultation with our sports physios. 

First, we focus on a rigorous assessment of your lifestyle, medical history, and current fitness. Following this assessment, we use this information to build personalised treatment plans and progressive exercise programs that are designed to meet your goals and your body's needs most effectively. Your exercise and rehabilitation plan will reflect your diagnosis and address the root cause of your injuries.


Each certified Sydney sports physio at Infinite Health, is a sports physio that Sydney residents can turn to for a better recovery and prevention of future injury – whether that’s joint injuries, muscle injuries, or any other type.

A couple exercising in a gym, performing various exercises to stay fit and healthy.
A man receiving a foot massage from another man.

Treatments backed by sports-science 


Our Sydney sports physios apply a wide variety of science-backed modalities to treat your injuries, including:


  • Exercise education

  • Massages

  • Mobilisations

  • Dry needling

  • Soft tissue therapy

Throughout your one-on-one sessions, one of our expert sports physios will guide you on the best methods to manage and overcome your injuries. With each rehabilitation program designed for your optimal recovery and backed by sports science, we work towards minimising the time you spend away from sports.


Our team is more than happy to answer and advise you on any fitness and sports-related questions you may have so that you can get the best out of our physiotherapy services and your health.

Sports-engineered facilities that let you rehab the right way

Each of our innovative and modern facilities has been designed to treat and manage musculoskeletal injury and disorders.

No matter what sport you play, or whether you're training explosiveness, balance, or strength - we have the gear to help you rehab the right way.


With a range of top-of-the-line fitness and sports equipment, free weights, bands, and spacious training zones available, our Sydney locations are specifically designed for you to learn, perform, and train your personalised sports-specific programs.  

A man performing a back stretch exercise in a gym, focusing on stretching his back muscles.
Aaron J 1_edited_edited.jpg
Stathis C_enhanced_edited.jpg
Kevin J (1)_enhanced.jpg
Elizabeth C_edited_edited.jpg
Veronica mobile optimised_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Get treated by the sports physio Sydney experts

The Infinite Health team is a collection of former elite athletes, recreational players, and fitness-minded specialists. ​


With a wealth of experience in a broad range of sporting codes, including Olympic weightlifting, callisthenics, football, rugby, and taekwondo, our Sydney sports physios have the first-hand knowledge in assisting your return to sports with care and efficiency.

Three sports clinics conveniently located across Sydney

Situated within central business hubs in Sydney's Northshore like Chatswood and North Sydney, and the Sydney CBD, Infinite Health delivers quality Sydney sports physio near you.


Each of our multiple locations across Sydney is conveniently located nearby public transport and major roads - and we have extended operating hours to accommodate every lifestyle and age group.


We work closely with exercise physiologists, remedial massage therapists, and general physiotherapists to deliver the highest level of sports physiotherapy in Sydney to every single patient that comes through our doors.

Sports Physio Sydney CBD

Suite 103/ 74 Pitt Street

Sydney, NSW 2000

Sports Physio North Sydney

Suite 301/ 121 Walker Street

North Sydney, NSW 2060

Sports Physio Chatswood

Suite 201/ 71-73 Archer Street

Chatswood, NSW 2067


Our reputation is our guarantee

With so many sports therapy solutions out there it can be difficult to work out what service you can trust.


At Infinite Health, we don’t want you to take our word for it!

With each of our Sydney locations receiving a majority of 5-star reviews on Google, our reputation is our guarantee.

We take the philosophy of delivering “Optimal Health Solutions” to our patients and let the results speak for themselves.

The Sydney Sports Physio for you

John Lee_enhanced_edited.jpg

John Lee

Principal Sports Physiotherapist

Founding Infinite Health Group with the desire to provide the highest quality health care to the community, John Lee is committed to returning patients to their sporting passions and hobbies. 


John specialises in treating and managing sports-related injuries with a focus on knee and shoulder issues, informed by practical experience on the football (futbol) pitch.


Available - Chatswood & Sydney CBD.

Aaron J 1_edited_edited.jpg

Aaron James

Sports Physiotherapist


With over 15 years of weight training, Aaron is passionate about understanding how the human body produces movement and how improper movement can contribute to pain.


Aaron’s treatment focus is on empowering his patients to take charge of their health, and reach and exceed their fitness goals.


Available - Chatswood & Mosman.

Stathis C_enhanced_edited.jpg

Stathis Callintzis

Sports Physiotherapist

Driven by a strong desire to help his patients get stronger and stay injury free, Stan is focused on treatment that carefully considers the individual needs and performance aspirations. 


His work is informed by experience working as a physiotherapist for Dulwich Hill Football club where he diagnosed, treated, and advised acute sporting injuries. 


Available - North Sydney.


Patrick Hughes

Sports Exercise Physiologist


Pat specialises in treating and managing knee pain, often linked to running and sports-related injuries. His focus is around patients being pain-free in their day-to-day life so they can return to their favourite activities and sport.


With a resume working with Australian Border Fitness testing and The Sports Clinic, Pat’s is deeply passionate with motivating others stay fit and healthy. 


Available  - Chatswood & North Sydney.

Kevin J (1)_enhanced.jpg

Kevin Kensen

Remedial Massage Therapist

With a degree in Physiotherapy and Diploma of Remedial Massage in his toolbox, Kevin is well-suited to treating sports-related pain or injury. 

Currently undertaking further study in Sports Kinesiology apple to running he’s well suited to refining your form and assisting your goals in running.

Available  - North Sydney & Chatswood.

Elizabeth C_edited_edited.jpg

Elizabeth Comprado

Sports Massage Therapist


Elizabeth aim is to help people achieve their optimal muscular function to allow them to perform and spend more time on the pitch as oppose to off the pitch.

Her treatment goals are to allow her patients via better mobility, flexibility, muscular relaxation, reduced pain, improved blood flow and reduced recovery time.


Available  - Chatswood.

Frequently asked questions



Should I have a goal in mind for my Infinite Health sessions?


While we do as much as we can to treat and manage your injuries (whether it be joint injuries or muscle injuries) in our one-on-one sessions, rehab, most importantly, requires clear goals, transparency, and effort.


Ensure you have a goal in mind for what you want to achieve with our physiotherapy sessions, whether it may be eliminating pain, increasing mobility, or preventing re-injury; whether it be acute injuries, ongoing issues, or the need for a dedicated progressive exercise program to follow.


If you’re in need of pain treatment and rehab, but you don’t know where to begin – that’s okay! Our sports physios are trained to ask the right questions to help you unlock your goals – whether that’s achieving peak athletic performance, or simply to get back playing sports without pain.


With a clear goal and a rehab roadmap, you are much more likely to see positive results in terms of your movement, strength, and balance.



What do I need to share with Infinite Health's sports physio Sydney?


Sharing your fitness and sports goals with your Sydney sports physio is crucial to both parties understanding the methodology and path to rehabilitation. With a good working relationship with your sports physio, your treatment will be more productive, and you can feel confident you are working towards your goals. During your first appointment, our Sydney physiotherapy practice will provide pain relief, work to understand whether you're facing muscle or joint injuries, prepare an injury management plan, and help you to implement injury prevent to avoid further injury down the line.


At our Infinite Health physiotherapy and sports clinic, we see everyone from elite athletes to those facing work related injuries. Once we've worked out which muscle groups are affected, we can start the rehabilitation process.


Do I need to follow my physio treatment plan? 

Following your tailored treatment plan is essential to beating your injury, meeting your rehabilitation goals, and further prevention.


If you think something is not working or an exercise is causing pain, don't be afraid to communicate your concerns, so your Sydney sports physio can adjust your plan to be more effective.



Is sports physiotherapy better than physiotherapy?


While being quite similar to physiotherapy, sports therapy is a more focused branch of physiotherapy that is tailored specifically to injury prevention, pain management, and conditioning for sports activity. Sports physiotherapy may involve increasing core stability, dry needling, manual therapy, or post operative rehabilitation. Generally, this will include creating a progressive exercise program by our Sydney physiotherapy experts.


As physiotherapy is helpful for a broader range of illnesses and conditions, each discipline is ultimately more suited for different types of patients. 

Our Sydney physiotherapy team offer both general and sports physiotherapy, whether you are injured from sporting activities, or you have an issue that is not sports related. 


What is a remedial sports therapy massage?


Remedial massage therapy applied by our sports physio targets specific damaged, tensed, or immobile muscles in the body.


As a treatment system, it is designed to locate and repair damaged regions of the body to speed up natural healing and recovery.


For patients, remedial massage is particularly effective for several musculoskeletal issues, tackling both the symptoms and causes.

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