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Our expert Sydney chiropractic team are experienced in providing treatment solutions to manage musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, leg pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, joint problems, injuries, sprains, and strains.


Rest assured that our chiropractors are the best in the business when it comes to decreasing pain and improving function.




After you’ve experienced an injury, your whole body has no better friend than an experienced and results focused Infinite Health chiropractor. Our Chatswood and North Sydney chiropractic care clinics offer the best chiropractor appointments including multiple visits for those who need ongoing assistance. 

All sessions are 1-on-1.


In your initial consultation including digital posture analysis, your chiropractor will assess and diagnose the condition. After a comprehensive and confidential discussion between the patient and chiropractor, a holistic chiropractic treatment plan will be proposed. This plan will take into account your previous medical history and any goals you may wish to set. Your chiropractor will then provide treatment to get you out of pain and on the path to recovery.


Treatment may include massage therapy, spinal manipulation and mobilisation, dry needling, postural advice, and extracorporeal shockwave therapy. We will develop an exercise program for you to encourage mobility and increase strength to empower you to allow you to continually improve in between sessions. 


Our highly skilled practitioners may also refer the patient to other specialists in cases where chiroptractic treatments are not beneficial or multidisciplinary management is required.


Our Sydney chiropractic clinic consists of highly experienced and expertly qualified spinal and sports chiropractors that aim to improve your biomechanics and neuromuscular function by addressing posture or muscular imbalances.


Part of our sports chiropractic services is also about injury prevention which is something that we will discuss with you.

Choose from one of our locations below for the best chiropractic therapy in Sydney and book online.


Sydney Chiropractic Care for All Spinal Problems

Lower Back Pain


For anyone suffering from pain in their lower back when sitting, standing, or exercising, it can have a significant effect on your lifestyle and overall well being. Infinite Health provides the leading chiropractor Sydney options for lower back pain. Treating pain will begin by identifying the underlying cause of low back pain, providing posture care, and targeting those muscles and joints to alleviate symptoms but also treat the primary cause of the problem.


Mid Back Pain


Those of us that spend long hours at our desks for work can experience mid-back pain that will require chiropractic adjustments. Pain in your mid-back can affect your productivity and, if left untreated, will cause serious issues in later life. Our chiropractors in Sydney will start by targeting your shoulder blades to bring your movement back to regular levels, and also to reduce muscle tension to alleviate your pain.


Neck Pain


If you’ve twisted your neck whilst driving or playing sport, it’s important to seek treatment fast. Reduced movement in your neck or shoulder pain is often caused by muscle tension. A Sydney chiropractor at Infinite Health ​will gently work on bringing movement back to your neck. We’ll also work on helping you strengthen your spine and musculoskeletal system around the affected areas to stop the pain from returning.


Born from extensive research into the human anatomy, chiropractic treatment provides essential aid for patients suffering from numerous conditions in the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. 


The Infinite Health team offer professional, experienced chiropractors in Sydney that can help diagnose spinal and other related conditions. When working in tandem with your GP, you will receive the best possible care with a Sydney chiropractor in that genuinely cares about the outcome with Infinite Health.


For all sports injuries, recurring issues, or to help diagnose a newfound discomfort in the spine, book in a session at Infinite Health today to begin your comprehensive treatment program with our Sydney chiropractors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a chiropractor fix my posture?


Poor posture can lead to back pain, neck pain, pain in the neck, and other problems. A chiropractor can help you improve your posture by making adjustments to your spine and providing exercises and stretches that can help strengthen the muscles that support your spine. We'll start with a thorough assessment, wherein your Sydney chiropractor will assess your current posture, spinal alignment, activities, a detailed history, and your concerns. From there, your Sydney chiropractic care will involve any immediate relief for pain, and long term chiropractic management for posture care and improved function. While we want to ensure you get back feeling great, we understand that the best results come down to a long-term plan that treats the root cause of bad posture.


How does a chiropractor stop pain?


There are many different ways that a chiropractor can reduce or stop pain and provide chiropractic pain management in overall health care. They may use various techniques such as the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system, massage, and mobilisation. Each patient's body is different, so your chiropractor will tailor the chiropractic treatment to the individual. Some patients may only need one or two treatments with chiropractic adjustments, while others may need ongoing care. Our chiropractors do not simply focus on relieving pain with spinal adjustments, but also work to improve the overall well-being of patients through comprehensive treatment.


How do I know if I need to see a chiropractor?


There are a few things that can help a patient determine if they need to see a chiropractor in Sydney. First, consider whether you have any pain or discomfort in your back, neck, or joints. If you do, it's possible that your alignment is off, and our professional team of chiropractors can treat you to improve your posture, nervous system, and spine function.


Another thing to consider is whether you have any regular headaches. If you find that you're getting headaches more often than usual, it could be due to tension in your neck and back. Chiropractic therapy can help relieve this tension and improve your overall headache frequency.


Lastly, think about whether you've recently experienced any kind of trauma or injury to the spine or surrounding area. This could also lead to misalignment and pain. If you have, it's important to get checked out by a chiropractor as soon as possible.


If you're experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, it's a good idea to get in touch with the Infinite Health Chiropractic team. Our team of experienced chiropractors can help assess your individual situation and recommend the best course of treatment, whether it be spinal adjustments, manual therapy, or posture care. If you're looking for the best chiropractors with real clinical chiropractic experience for assisting with the whole body - don't hesitate to get started on the path to pain-free living today!


Will my private health insurance cover chiropractic treatment?


Chiro is one of the most popular services used by members of private health insurance. At Infinite Health, we accept most private health funds. You will only have to pay the gap between how much your health plan provides for each visit. All chiropractic claims are processed through HICAPS, working with the following funds:


  • AAMI

  • AHM

  • AIA

  • Australian Defence Force Family Health

  • Apia health insurance

  • HBF

  • Medibank

  • Bupa

  • HCF

  • Nib

  • Hif


Plus more. Get in contact with Infinite Health today to see what providers are available through HICAPS when you book in a session with our best chiropractors in Sydney.

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