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Our expert chiropractic team in Sydney are well-versed in treating various musculoskeletal concerns encompassing back pain, neck pain, leg pain, headaches, osteoarthritis, herniated discs, joint ailments, injuries, sprains, and strains.




​After you’ve experienced an injury, your whole body has no better friend than an experienced and results focused Infinite Health chiropractor. Our Chatswood, North Sydney and Mosman chiropractic care clinics offer the best chiropractor appointments including multiple visits for those who need ongoing assistance. 


Personalised one-on-one chiropractor sessions


During your first consultation, which includes digital posture analysis, our chiropractor will evaluate and diagnose your condition, creating a comprehensive chiropractic treatment plan for you. This treatment plan will take into account your medical background and any other health goals you are striving to achieve. You can rely on Infinite Health for high quality chiropractic care in Sydney. 


Your treatment may consist of massage therapy, spinal manipulation, mobilisation, dry needling, work ergonomics or postural recommendations, and rehabilitative exercises. Whatever your injury or concern, we'll create a personalised exercise program to get you out of pain, boost joint mobility and strengthen your body. In cases where chiropractic treatments aren't suitable or when a multidisciplinary approach is needed, our skilled practitioners can also refer you to other specialists.

Choose from one of our locations below for the best chiropractic therapy in Sydney.

A man receiving a massage in an office, promoting relaxation and stress relief.
A woman receiving a massage in an office, promoting relaxation and stress relief.
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Benefits of Sydney Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment offers a range of short and long-term benefits for a multitude of musculoskeletal conditions, as well as in terms of improving overall well-being and quality of life. ​

Get rid of stubborn pain

Regular sessions with a Sydney chiropractic can help to provide lasting relief from chronic pain in affected areas. 

Understand the root of the issue

An expert chiropractor will not only provide treatment to address the issue, but help you gain a clear understanding of what is causing it, and how to avoid future occurrences and injuries. 

Gain increased mobility and flexibility

Chiropractic treatment can help to gradually reduce stiffness and swelling, resulting in gain more mobility and flexibility in joints and across the body. 

Reduce stress and recovery time

Attending professional chiropractic treatment helps to reduce the stress involved with trying out “remedies” that don’t work, while helping individuals to get back to full health sooner. 

Do the activities you want

Regain the freedom to pursue activities without being hindered by pain — whether it's running, practising yoga, lifting weights, or simply sitting comfortably.

Improve overall wellbeing

Experience better health in body and mind as the musculoskeletal system is aligned to relieve pain and restore function.

Our Chiropractors Can Help With:

  • Back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Whiplash

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Headache & migraines

  • Disc injuries

  • Joint injuries

  • Sprains & strains

  • Postural issues

  • Sciatica

  • Sports injuries

  • Hip & shoulder pain

A woman checks a man's neck for any issues.


Backed by extensive research in human anatomy and biomechanics, chiropractic treatment stands as a vital solution for various conditions affecting the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

At Infinite Health, our team comprises professional and experienced chiropractors in Sydney dedicated to diagnosing spinal and related conditions. Whether you're grappling with sports injuries, recurring ailments, or experiencing newfound discomfort in your spine, take the first step toward comprehensive treatment by scheduling a session at Infinite Health today. Our Sydney chiropractors are here to guide you on the path to optimal health and vitality.

Click below to learn more about our chiropractor team at each location.

  • Who is appropriate for Infinite Health Online Coaching?
    Anyone who is willing to put in the work to improve their health! We have worked with a huge variety of conditions from around the world, ranging from ankle sprains, plantar fasciitis, fractured heel bone returning back to sport, meniscus injuries, ACL injuries, ongoing knee pain, chronic low back pain and various shoulder injuries. We have also worked with people without pain wanting to put in the work now to help reduce likeness of injury and/or improve performance in their chosen sport!
  • Why should I choose you?
    Chances are you’re reading this because you have seen a few other online programs out there! Our results and platform speak for themselves. We have helped people from all across the world get back into the activities they enjoy, when others they had already tried could not. Our coaching program is the only one available that tailors each week of exercises specifically to you, according to how you also went the previous week. It’s one of the reasons our results are superior to others that may just offer you a standardised cookie cutter program, or a library of exercises to choose from yourself. We refuse to settle for subpar services, and so should you.
  • If I have pain, are your packages right for me?"
    If that’s the case, our packages are perfect for you! Our coaching platform specialises in helping those with injuries and in pain. We will give you the right tools and guidance to get out of pain, strengthen your body and return back to the things you love most… even if it’s as simple as walking!
  • Can I really get better with online rehab?
    You sure can! Whether it’s online or face to face, the key to succesful rehab is having a regular routined program that's specific from person to person, and progressively loaded with exactly what you need to do, and how much to do of it. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry, we take care of that for you. Where services may fail is their lack of desire or knowledge to be able to customise your treatment plan to your injury, your body and your goals. Combine that with access to one of our physios or specialised exercise coaches, and this is where our online results truely show.
  • I live in a different timezone, will this be a problem?"
    Not at all! Most of our clients are in fact from different countries and timezones to us, it’s the reason why we created our online platform…. To enable us to reach and help people from all over the world! If you’re required with your package to schedule an online video consultation, you will be sent a website that allows you to pick times that suit you, in your timezone. Our programs are also delivered via an online training system as well, and can be accessed anywhere and anytime!
  • I am new to exercise and training, is this right for me?"
    Sure is! As all our packages include customised programs, that means everything we’ll have you doing is specifically tailored to your level, training history, goals, etc. This means our programs range from more simple to very advanced, all depending on the person!
  • What do the packages entail?
    Here’s a quick breakdown: After completing a medical questionnaire or video consult, you will be granted access to our online training platform. There your coach will contact you, and customised your program with your first week of exercises. This will be based on your diagnosis, training history, and goals. From there, you will be able to consult your coach should you have any questions, and your program will progress from a week to week basis.
  • What is the difference between the basic, standard and premium packages?"
    Essentially, as our programs go up in price so does your access to our renowned coaches, with increased additional benefits you will have within our coaching platform. Basic package: Includes a thorough medical screening which your program is based upon, with end of week check in’s by your coach to track progress. Standard package: Includes a video consultation with one of our online coaches, who will assess and diagnose your injury, as well as answer any additional questions you may have. Your program is then based on this, with end of the week check in’s. Premium package: Includes a video consult as above, but with the biggest difference of around the clock access to your coach and video analysis of your exercise technique as you go. This allows your coach to make day-day progress changes if needed, as well as provide informative feedback to how you’re doing with your exercises.
  • How much time do I need to complete my rehab program?
    As our programs are customised to your lifestyle and needs, they can go for however long or short you would like! Whether that’s a commitment of 20-30 minutes or 45-60 minutes, your program will be implemented into your unique schedule.
  • I have just had ACL surgery, are you able to accommodate rehab for that?"
    Sure are! With a fully customised evidence-base library, we have exercises ranging from early, mid, to end stange and return to play. Each stage might include a mix of different stretches and mobility drills, localised and global strength exercises, plyometric/speed-based exercises or running-based drills. Due to the complexity of this injury and its rehabilitation process, we only offer our premium package for this sort of injury.
  • Besides exercises, what do the programs include?"
    Depending on the package you purchase, you will also have access to your very own coach! They will be there for you along the way and able to answer any and all questions as you go. Whether that’s activities you can or can’t do, alternatives to certain exercises, or general enquiries about proper training, etc.
  • I don't have any equipment, can I still join the program?"
    Yes! We can customised the program based on what equipment you have access to. If you don't have any or if you belong to a gym let us know and we will cater for it.
  • What payment options do I have?
    We take up front payment using a credit card only, but don’t worry...we use SLL Secure Shopping to ensure your data is safe and secure!
  • How do I access the program?
    The program is delivered via the Truecoach app which is accessible via mobile, PC or tablet.
  • What happens in the next step after purchasing a package?
    You will be sent a welcome email that includes the next following steps to complete to get your coaching underway. Whether that includes the medical screening questionnaire or link to create your online video consult appointment. After completing the questionnaire or your video consult, your coach will send you a request to create a profile via our online training program. Once this is done, your coach will get in contact with you via the program and prescribe to you your first week of exercises!
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