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NDIS Physiotherapy Sydney

NDIS physiotherapy services aimed at offering the right treatment and support for individuals with disability. 

Approved NDIS Physio Service Provider

Infinite Health is the leading provider of NDIS physiotherapy in Sydney, offering a wide range of physiotherapy services for those who need it most. Our compassionate team of NDIS physiotherapists have the expertise and experience to help clients reduce pain, improve their mobility and balance, and achieve greater independence for an enhanced quality of life. 


As an approved NDIS physio service provider with clinics conveniently located across Central and North Sydney, we work with individuals to create a tailored treatment plans. 

NDIS Physiotherapy Treatment Services Include

Under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), our physio treatment services offer people with a disability physical support, manual therapy, exercise prescription, and mobility exercises and stretching.

Infinite Health offers a range of NDIS physiotherapy treatment that covers the following areas:

  • Strengthening exercises to boost muscle condition and posture

  • Electrotherapy and heat therapy to reduce inflammation

  • Functional task training including balancing and movement

  • Assisted stretching to relieve stiffness in joints

  • Tissues massages to break up tension in muscles

  • Improving mood and energy levels

  • Training capability in handling everyday actions and tasks

When you choose to work with Infinite Health, our Sydney NDIS physiotherapists will work closely with you and your support network to better understand and reach your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions 




Are you a registered NDIS service provider?

Yes, Infinite Health is a registered NDIS service provider. All our offered treatments and NDIS physiotherapists are in line with the NDIS Practice Standards and Code of Conduct. We will always treat our clients with the utmost respect and care regardless of age, race, or personal conditions.


What types of physiotherapy services are covered by the NDIS?

NDIS Physiotherapy can help improve mobility, strength, coordination, and overall physical function. Here are some of the physiotherapy services covered by the NDIS:


  • Assessments: A comprehensive evaluation to understand the individual’s physical condition, limitations, and goals. 

  • Treatments: The development of a personalised physiotherapy plan to help individuals reach their goals. This may include exercises, manual therapy, and other techniques.

  • Equipment: Financial support for assistive equipment that can help individuals be more independent.

  • Home exercise programs: Exercise programs for individuals to help maintain and improve their physical capabilities from home.

  • Education: Providing expert advice and information to individuals and support networks about exercises, techniques, and strategies for managing disability.


What does a typical NDIS physio session look like?

During an appointment, your physiotherapist will first assess and discuss your current concerns, goals, and ideal outcomes from physiotherapy. In the initial session, this will also include a review of your medical history and disability condition. 


After which, the customised treatment plan prescribed by the physiotherapist will be applied throughout the session, taking care to ensure your safety and comfort. Sessions will be carried in a private environment for your peace of mind and can also include the attendance of support individuals to assist you if necessary. 


During the session, your physiotherapist will also provide you with specific advice for performing exercises at home, as well as tips to help your journey toward better health.

How often will I need to see a physio?


This will depend on the treatment plan and schedule that your physio has created for you. In some cases, you can expect physio sessions to be as frequent as once every 1-2 weeks, but these will be cases where less frequent sessions will be necessary, such as for less urgent conditions.

Will I get exercises to do at home?

Yes. At Infinite Health, our physiotherapists may guide you in performing specialised stretching and strengthening exercises during your physio sessions. They may also prescribe for these sets of exercises to be carried out at home in-between physio sessions to help maintain and improve your physical condition. It’s important to do them as prescribed as they will factor into your ongoing progress.

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