Suffering from pain, tightness or muscular tension throughout your body?
If so, remedial massage may be for you!


Useful as both a method of relaxation and a treatment modality for pain, injuries and rehabilitation, remedial massage is an excellent addition for many lifestyles.

If you lead an active life – in your line of work or as an athlete or sportsperson – regular deep tissue or remedial massage therapy at our clinics throughout Sydney can help to minimise your injury risk.


If you spend a lot of time sat behind desks, a full body remedial massage will help rejuvenate your muscles, release physical and psychological tension, helping you feel more relaxed and less stressed in your day-to-day life.

A remedial massage is most effective in treating

  • Tension headache

  • Neck pain

  • Back pain

  • Sciatica

  • Sporting injuries

  • DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)

  • Arthritis

  • Muscular spasms

  • Muscular cramps

Your remedial massage Sydney therapists

Kevin J (1)_enhanced_edited.jpg

Kevin Jensen

Remedial Massage Therapist
North Sydney & Chatswood

Kevin loves to help people to return to their life and sports as quickly as possible. He feels most rewarded when he sees his patients return to their activities or sports without any pain. 


He is trained as a Remedial Massage Therapist in Australia, and also holds a degree as a Physiotherapist from his home country of Argentina.

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Jie Huang

Remedial Massage Therapist

Originally trained as an acupuncturist, Jie then explored and trained as a remedial massage therapist as a way of providing holistic care for her patients in order to get them the best result.


She loves to help her patients return to enjoying life pain free!

Remedial massage tips from our Sydney, Chatswood & North Sydney remedial massage therapists

Schedule your massage carefully.

Ensure that you don’t schedule a deep tissue massage session too close to an event, especially if you are new to massage. Having a massage just before a race can put you at risk of soreness, so plan to receive one at least 48 hours before your event. If you are just beginning massage therapy, your first treatment should take place at least two weeks before a race.

Arrive hydrated.

Ensure you prepare for your massage by sipping plenty of water before the appointment to be certain that you are well hydrated. Arriving dehydrated to your treatment can cause your fascia and muscles to stiffen, which can lead to a less comfortable massage session.

Be prepared to move around.

While a sports massage can be relaxing after treatment, during your session, you will likely experience movement and physical interaction with your massage therapist. Ensure that you wear loose clothing to make movements and treatment of the affected area easier. To further encourage your recovery, follow the guidance of your therapist and complete additional recommended exercises at home.

The benefits of remedial massage at our Chatswood & North Sydney clinics

Correcting postural issues.

Common causes of neck, shoulder, and back pain include poor posture, which puts stress on the body. Our massage therapists can help to design a treatment plan that addresses postural issues, lengthens, and stretches muscles to relieve tension, and helps to realign your body.

Increasing joint mobility and flexibility.

Some symptoms of chronic and acute conditions such as arthritis, shoulder pain, sciatica, and overusing muscles are caused by muscles tension around the joints. Our therapists can tailor a massage to help relieve stiffness, discomfort, and decreased flexibility while improving joint strength, stability, and mobility.

Reducing stress.

A remedial massage can help to reduce stress in the body by affecting neurohormones that regulate behaviour and emotions. Endorphins release, while cortisol levels decrease, which results in a mood-enhancing effect that can reduce some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety, increase energy levels, and improve sleep.

Why Choose Infinite Health?


Our remedial massage Sydney therapists are fully equipped and qualified to treat a wide range of concerns through remedial and sports massage. Our therapists utilise a wide variety of deep tissue techniques and classic massage strokes to manipulate the body’s soft tissue, muscle, tendons, and fascia. Our remedial massage clinic may assist with chronic pain and pain relief, connective tissue, myofascial release, and general muscle tension. While not necessarily a relaxing massage, your remedial massage therapist will take the time to discuss your concern, the massage pressure you'd prefer, and your history with this specific injury or condition to provide the best possible treatment within your appointment.


With regular massage treatments at Infinite Health, your therapist can work with you to manage and relieve long term pain, discomfort, and tension. We’ll help you to prevent problem areas from developing down the line and can improve sporting performance through enhanced muscle recovery. Whether you’re an avid sportsperson or you’re merely experiencing postural tension from daily activities, we’re confident that the team of Infinite Health Sydney remedial massage therapists can help.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a remedial massage appointment?


How long your appointment is will depend on your chosen treatment and the severity of the issues. Generally, if you're not sure what kind of appointment you need, your remedial massage therapist will be able to tell you after you've discussed your condition. There are three types of appointments available in Sydney with Infinite Health, at our Chatswood & North Sydney remedial massage clinics:


60-minute appointments

Allows for treatment on two to four muscle groups, depending on the severity of the issue.


90-minute appointments

Ideal for patients with more complex issues or those who want more time spent on specific muscle groups. 90-minute appointments are also most appropriate for those who have not had a massage in a long time, as any previous concerns may have worsened over time.


120-minute appointments

Best suited to patients requiring a full body massage therapy treatment or extensive work on specific muscle groups. Also highly recommended for those who have put off a massage for extensive periods as any previous or neglected issues may have worsened over time.


What are the benefits of remedial massage?


Remedial massage therapy refers to a type of manual therapy that aims to relieve and treat muscles that are tense, damaged, knotted, or immobile. In many cases, remedial massage can be beneficial for pain relief, releasing tension, breaking up scar tissue, and generally just helping you to feel better and achieve optimal health! The different techniques used in remedial massage can increase blood flow and blood supply to muscles, allowing myofascial release, increasing mobility, and helping to improve flexibility. Similarly, the massage itself will encourage the release of endorphins and the decrease in stress hormones, which can improve your immune system's capabilities and overall well being.


What should I wear to my appointment?


We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment with one of our remedial massage therapists. Ensure that your clothes are unrestricting, to allow for your therapist to provide manual therapy to the affected areas.


How many massage sessions will I need?


The number of massage therapy sessions needed will come down to your condition, injury, and how your appointment plays out. After your first remedial massage session, your therapist will discuss all concerns, and provide advice on how many sessions may be needed and what you can do between sessions.

How can I book in for a deep tissue massage?


Booking an appointment for massage therapy is easy. Head over to our online booking platform to make an appointment for a remedial massage in Sydney – Chatswood or North Sydney. If you’d like to speak to one of our team members before booking you can contact us on (02) 9412 2222.



How much does remedial massage in Sydney cost?


The costs of your deep tissue massage will depend on your appointment type, the severity of your condition, and your therapist. Here’s a breakdown of costs:


60-minute appointment: $100 - $130

90-minute appointment: $150 - $195

120-minute appointment: $200 - $260



Do you accept private health insurance funds?


Yes – we have HICAPS facilities which accepts most private health funds, so you’ll only need to pay the gap between what your fund covers and the cost of the massage therapy appointment. HICAPS accepts a long list of Australian private health insurance funds, including:


  • AAMI

  • ACA

  • AHM

  • AIA

  • Australian Defence Force Family Health

  • Apia health insurance

  • Australian Unity

  • HBF

  • Medibank

  • Bupa

  • HCF

  • CBHS Health

  • Nib

  • Frank health insurance

  • Teachers Health

  • Hif

  • GUHealth

  • Health Partners

  • And more.