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Physiotherapy at Infinite Health

Do you have injuries or pain that stop you from enjoying the activities you love? Our goal is to get you back to work, play and life as quickly as possible. 


We have years of experience treating patients with a large variety of injuries and issues. Each of our patients gets 1-on-1 attention with a qualified physiotherapist, so we can develop a specific care plan that will have you feeling more physically capable as soon as possible. 

Our clinic is modern and professionally equipped to help us treat your injuries quickly and efficiently. 


Best of all, we're centrally located on George Street opposite Wynyard station. We open early and close late so you can visit before or after work. Be sure to book in a slot as we are appointment only.

Clinic details

How to find us

Our clinic is opposite the George Street entrance to Wynyard station.


Opening hours (appointment required)

  • ​​Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 7:00pm

  • Saturday & Sunday: Closed

  • For outside standard hours, please contact us.


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Hear from 100+ satisfied patients





100+ reviews

Mai Tran


Finally found my go-to physio and massage therapists. These guys offer amazing service and treatment - my body feels like it is in great hands!

Rosy Tamin-Wong


Been here for many years and great physio and physiology professionals. Highly recommend to build strength.


Alex Chye


Infinite Health was excellent. Quick diagnosis, appropriate exercise prescription and evident results given good compliance. Aaron was friendly, engaging and knowledgeable - would recommend 100%. Cheers


What makes Infinite Health different?

We created Infinite Health with one purpose - to deliver the highest quality health care to our communities. We’ve built a team of friendly and qualified therapists that you can trust to get you back to play or work feeling stronger than ever. Our therapists will treat you in our innovative and modern facilities, offering the best treatment methods for your needs.


Your sessions at Infinite Health are always one-on-one so that your therapist can get to know you and your problem, and address it in a personalised way which makes sense for you.

To give you the most optimal path to healing and recovery, our team of physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and massage therapists work together to give you the best care possible. 

We treat people from all walks of life, including elite athletes, weekend warriors, elderly patients or those recovering from surgery.

And no problem is too big or small. Whether it’s a serious knee injury, chronic lower back pain, or wrist pain from the office, we will properly understand your health needs, and develop a holistic solution that will get you back to living your life better, faster, and stronger.

Services we provide in our Sydney CBD clinic

Our team offers all Sydney patients the following services:


At our other clinics we also offer:

When you visit us you will receive:

  • 1-to-1 undivided attention and care from one of our health professionals

  • An empathetic and patient analysis of your injury/situation

  • Evidence-based treatment to kickstart your recovery immediately

  • Post-appointment exercises for ongoing recovery before your next visit with us

  • A tailored solution based on your body and needs, to set you up for a lifetime of health

Common problems our physiotherapists address

We treat everything from minor sprains to chronic pain and pre-emptive treatments to strengthen problem areas. Some examples of the problems we treat include:


  • Neck injuries. Due to its mobility your neck is highly susceptible to injuries, some of which can be catastrophic. Whether you are suffering from a facet joint sprain or cervicogenic headaches, our team can put a plan in place that helps reduce the risk of damage to other muscles or discs and provides you with relief. 

  • Ankle and foot issues. Whether you rolled your ankle during your morning run or broke your foot in an accident, foot and ankle injuries can severely limit how well you can walk and impact your work and sports life. We can build a personalised care plan to address issues like sprains, achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis.

  • Lower back pain. Many people experience lower back pain, whether because of sports, work or lifestyle injuries. We can help you get relief from pain and strengthen your back through a customised plan specific to your injury and lifestyle, whether that be muscular strains and sprains, bulging discs or other problems.

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