Chatswood and North Sydney's top physio practice is now in the heart of the CBD.

Infinite Health
Sydney CBD Physiotherapy


What we do at Infinite Health Sydney CBD

Infinite Health is an established full-service health practice in the heart of the CBD. 
We deliver a
ange of services designed to help people of all backgrounds, lifestyles and medical histories to provide effective pain relief and treatment.

We provide same day appointments and look forward to treating your unique health needs.

Our location and contact details

How to get there

Our clinic is opposite the George Street entrance to Wynyard station, next to Ezy Mart. 

Open hours

Monday 8am - 7pm
Wednesday 8am - 7pm
Friday 8am - 1pm


Our team is ready to help you

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"I always knew I wanted to set up a facility with a team of experts from different fields working together to give the patient their very best."

- John, on why he started Infinite Health Sydney CBD


I'm especially passionate about treating:​

  • Knee conditions and injuries (I've had a few myself)

  • Shoulder injuries

  • All around pain relief

Experience & qualifications

  • Bachelors of Physiotherapy. La Trobe University.

  • Dry Needling

  • Functional Movement Screen (Level 1 & 2)

  • Advanced training on the shoulder & pelvis

  • Rocktape - Kinesio Taping

My sports

Soccer, tennis and snowboarding.

Take a look inside the clinic


Hear from our satisfied patients

Services we provide at Infinite Health Sydney CBD

Our treatment focuses on patiently understanding your unique situation, your body, and needs. This enables us to give evidence-based treatment to kickstart your recovery and set you up for a lifetime of health. 

Our physio team at our Sydney CBD clinic focuses on providing patients with the following high quality services:

We offer first time and ongoing physiotherapy assistance plus programs to help you recover from injury and reduce pain.

If you're an amateur or professional sportsperson and work or live in the city, we'll help you manage complaints, injuries and niggles, allowing you to return to the lifestyle you enjoy.


Treatments our physiotherapists use​

Each physiotherapy session with our therapists may include one or more of the following scientifically-backed modalities:

  • Exercise programs. After a thorough assessment of your condition, your therapist will teach you a range of exercises to encourage mobility in your joints, increase circulation and strengthen your affected muscles.

  • Massage. Our therapists use massage to relax affected muscles and reduce swelling and pain. 

  • Joint mobilisation. We use joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques to help your joints regain full range of motion, reduce pain, and to help stretch out your affected muscles.

  • Dry needling. Dry needling involves placing several short needles into a patient’s muscle to help release muscle knots and reduce pain.

  • Postural advice. Your therapist may work with you to improve your posture to help address the underlying causes of your injury or issue.

Common conditions we help our patients with

  • Neck injuries. Due to its mobility your neck is highly susceptible to injuries, some of which can be catastrophic. Whether you are suffering from a facet joint sprain or cervicogenic headaches, our team can put a plan in place that helps reduce the risk of damage to other muscles or discs and provides you with relief. 

  • Ankle and foot issues. Whether you rolled your ankle during your morning run or broke your foot in an accident, foot and ankle injuries can severely limit how well you can walk and impact your work and sports life. We can build a personalised care plan to address issues like sprains, achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis.

  • Lower back pain. Many people experience lower back pain, whether because of sports, work or lifestyle injuries. We can help you get relief from pain and strengthen your back through a customised plan specific to your injury and lifestyle, whether that be muscular strains and sprains, bulging discs or other problems.

Other conditions we often help patients with include:

  • Knee injuries e.g ACL tears and runners knee

  • Tendinitis

  • Shoulder injuries

  • Tennis elbow

  • Hamstring sprains

  • Groin strains

Why choose us for your health needs?

Fully equipped and modern clinic 

Get treated on professional physiotherapy beds and learn exercises / stretches in our own designed training zone  

Convenient location

We're opposite Wynyard station on George Street.

15+ years of combined experience

Our physiotherapist's at Sydney CBD clinic have treated thousands of patient with all sorts of injuries.

1-on-1 appointments

All of our appointments are 1-on-1.

A history of excellent customer service

We have over 165 5-star Google reviews of our CBD clinic and more on our longer standing Chatswood and North Sydney clinics.

Same-day appointments

Book same day appointments, online.

We accept most health funds including

We process claims and payments through HICAPS which works with most health funds including: