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Bringing Sydney’s leading team of physiotherapists to Mosman and the Lower North Shore.

With 3 established locations and having successfully treated over 6000+ patients, we are now accessible to our patients in Mosman, Cremorne and its surrounding areas in Sydney's lower north shore.


We provide both Sports and General Physiotherapy. General physiotherapy includes treatment for back pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. Sports physiotherapy includes treating injury concerns for field athletes, gym-goers, runners and more. All our treatment options are backed by the latest scientific research in health and sport science.

Our expert Mosman physiotherapists are highly qualified with specialised knowledge and experience in their respective fields — and they’re committed to providing excellent and pleasant service for every person and every visit. We’ll work with you throughout the assessment, diagnosis and treatment process to ensure you enjoy a speedy and effective recovery from your injuries.

As medical professionals, we believe that the road to recovery is a journey for both patients and physiotherapists. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our personalised touch every step of the way to make your recuperation as swift and comfortable as possible.

Suite 2/ 884 Military Road

Mosman, NSW 2088



Parking on Military Road or behind at Raglan Street East Carpark.



Tel: 02 94122222

Our Location

About Our Mosman Physiotherapy Team

At the Infinite Health Mosman Physio clinic, we provide comprehensive physiotherapy for all our clients. Servicing diverse clients with a range of rehabilitation requirements, our physios have the right tools to deliver specific expertise in any circumstance. We’re not just here to make you feel better from an injury - we work to find long-term solutions to help our clients achieve long-lasting comfort for all physical activities. Our Mosman physio services will typically involve:


  • Assessment and Diagnosis: Your first session will involve a thorough evaluation of your injury and medical history to understand its cause and how it can be treated. 

  • Tailored Treatment Plan: Depending on your injury, your Infinite Health physio will create a treatment plan that may incorporate exercises, massage therapy, dry needling, mobilisations, and soft tissue therapy.


  • Guided Sessions: Throughout your one-on-one sessions, your expert physio will guide you through methods to manage and overcome your injury and muscle soreness. The program aims for optimal recovery, backed by sports science.

  • Targeted Exercise Program: An exercise regimen tailored for mobility and strength building in key areas will help speed up your recovery so that you can return to your usual activities. This program can be completed partly in your own time, allowing you to track your progress consistently.

Meet the Mosman Physios

Aaron J 1_edited_edited_edited.png


"My treatment style is a combination of massage, mobilisation and muscle energy techniques to help my patients feel better and move better plus take home exercises to empower them to care for themselves."

- Aaron, on his approach as a physio

Common conditions that I treat

  • Neck pain, back pain or stiffness.

  • Bulging discs, pinched nerve or sciatica.

  • Shoulder or knee pain.

  • Sporting & gym based injuries.

Experience & Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Australian Catholic University (ACU).

  • The Sporting Knee.

  • Spinal Foundations.

  • Powerlifting injury prevention.

  • Dry Needling Level 1

  • Strength & Conditioning Level 1


My sports

Weight training, powerlifting & rugby.

When we are available

Monday  10:30am - 7pm
Tuesday   8am - 7pm
Wednesday   8am - 3:30pm
Thursday   8am - 7pm
Friday   8am - 3pm
Saturday   8am - 3pm

Amazing reviews from our patients...

How we will help you

Inside our clinic

Common injuries that we treat.


Muscle tears or joint sprains

Shoulder injuries

Meniscus, ACL or MCL injuries

Gym based injuries

Running based injuries

Tendinopathy (tendinitis)


Bone & Joints



Degenerative diseases

Knee pain

Shoulder pain

Hip pain

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why choose Infinite Health? 


New on the scene for a Mosman physio; Infinite Health is backed by years of service across Chatswood, North Sydney, and the Sydney CBD. We are determined to provide the most effective, exceptional, research-backed sports physiotherapy on the North Shore. Our physiotherapists treat everything from chronic pain, to injuries, postural concerns, osteoporosis, and more.


Facilities Engineered to Ensure You Rehab Correctly

All Infinite Health locations are designed with productive treatment in mind. All musculoskeletal disorders can be treated and managed correctly with the varied equipment we have access to.
No matter what injury you are trying to recover from, we have the capacity to get you back to high-intensity training in no time. We have seen all injuries caused by the most played activities and know how to get you feeling stronger sooner.
With a sports injury centre containing a range of state-of-the-art fitness and training equipment, bands, free weights, and expansive training areas at your disposal, our Mosman physio has been designed to learn and conduct your own recovery program.


Physiotherapy Your Way 

When you first begin your journey to recovery with Infinite Health with our Mosman physio, you'll undergo a thorough consultation.


Through this, we are able to get a broad picture of your medical history, lifestyle habits and current fitness levels, providing us with the most accurate information to stand as the foundation of your treatment plan. We incorporate your health goals into our plan, and build treatment objectives around you. Every step of your physiotherapy will be centred around your recovery and how you want to manage it. We can move as slowly as you like to get your confidence growing and back to doing the things you love.


You're not just here to recover at Infinite Health, we will look to help prevent future injury too with a fool-proof management plan.


Scientifically Supported Treatments 

Each member of our Mosman physio team is fully certified with degrees in Physiotherapy, coupled with accreditation in various subcategories around physical health and wellbeing. Each physio uses their combined years of training to provide science-backed treatment to all of our clients.


Optimal recovery is the goal for all of our clients, and we conduct one-on-one sessions so everyone can get the most out of each session. Our team comprises former professional athletes, recreational players and fitness specialists, with each drawing on training and experience to inform treatment decisions.


Whether you are seeking general physiotherapy, or sports physiotherapy for targeted recovery from physical activity, the team will be able to address any issues and offer direct recovery advice.


Where are you located?


You can find Infinite Health's Mosman location at Suite 2/ 884 Military Road Mosman, NSW 2088. There is parking on Military Road or just nearby in the Raglan Street East Carpark, servicing Sydney's lower north shore.


What do I need to share with Infinite Health's Mosman physio team?


When beginning your treatment with one of our Mosman physios, it is essential to share your rehabilitation and fitness goals to help track and understand your path to rehabilitation. Doing this will help you get a better idea of how our methodology applies to your injury and how our work is aiding in your recovery. Sharing is just the first step in developing a good working relationship with your physio, and it will ensure a more productive treatment and increase your confidence in achieving the goals you set out.  


How do I know if I need sports or regular physiotherapy?


Whilst both are inherently similar treatment programs, sports therapy is a much more targeted branch of physiotherapy that actively manages and helps prevent the injuries associated with physical activity. There is a more intense conditioning aspect to sports physio and a focus on pain management that is not as rigorous as regular physiotherapy. 
Physiotherapy is beneficial for a much broader range of illnesses and conditions. It is best to consult with your Mosman physio at Infinite Health to determine which pathway best suits you. 


Do I have to follow my treatment plan?


Your treatment plan is developed by your physiotherapist and is unique to you. It holds the key to overcoming your condition and returning to full strength and fitness. Following your plan is essential to getting the most out of your treatment. We strongly encourage you to diligently follow the plan devised for you, to avoid lengthening your recovery or exacerbating an injury. 
However, communication is essential between you and the physio. If you think something is not working, or there is a specific exercise causing you pain or discomfort, do not be afraid to speak up with your physio, and they will adjust your plan to make it more effective.

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