At Infinite Health we pride ourselves on providing effective, personalised care to help you recover, perform, and live your best life. 

Meet The Infinite Heath Team

John Lee

Founder and Principal Physiotherapist

“The best part of being a Physio, is the moment when my patient returns back to the activity or hobby that they were desperate to get back to.”


John founded Infinite Health Group for one sole purpose - to deliver the highest quality health care service to the community. To do this he assembled a team of health professionals that patients can trust to get them back to play or work, and stronger than ever.


John specialises in treating sports injuries, with expertise in treating knee and shoulder injuries. He also competes in football (soccer), providing him with practical experience around knee conditions and injuries.

Aaron James


“There was never one moment that made me want to be a Physio. I knew I would always be doing something that was hands on and helping people's physical health!”


Aaron’s ethos for treating his patients is helping them understand that “pain should be used as a stepping stone, not a campground!”

With over 15 years of weight training experience Aaron is passionate about understanding how the human body produces movement, and how pain can be the result of poor movement. 

His treatment focuses on empowering his patients to take control of their health, and achieve their goals. 

Kevin Jensen

Remedial Massage Therapist

“Remedial massage allows me to help people to return to their life/sport as quickly as possible.”

Remedial massage has allowed Jensen to pursue a path related to sports, whilst helping people to return to their life and sports as quickly as possible. He feels most rewarded when he sees his patients return to their activities or sports without any pain. 

With his degree as a Physiotherapist from Argentina and his Diploma of Remedial Massage under his belt. Kevin is now undertaking further study in Sports kinesiology applied to running, making him an ideal health professional if you are keen on improving your running form or beating your next race time.

Patrick Hughes

Exercise Physiologist

“I love being active and exercising myself, so I wanted to have a career where I could help others be healthy and exercise themselves.”


Pat’s inspiration for becoming an Exercise Physiologist comes from his passion for exercise and being active. His goal as an Exercise Physiologist is to help others be healthy and exercise themselves.

Pat specialises in treating knee pain, which often stems from running and sports-related injuries. His specialisation has led him to undertake additional training to provide his patients with best-in-class treatment and recovery.

Pat’s treatment focus is getting someone out of pain and back into the activities they enjoy the most. His experience is backed by working with Australian Border Force fitness testing and The Sports Clinic, before joining the Infinite Health team.

Richard Amankwah

Remedial Massage Therapist

“The most rewarding part of my job is helping people feel better about themselves and hearing that a certain treatment has made them much better compared to when they walked in.”


Having played Semi Professional Football in the UK, and previously coaching Strength & Conditioning to athletes. Richard specializes in the active muscle release of sporting/ physical injuries to get you back to your activities in the quickest possible time.

Richard has previously studied in England attaining his degree in Sport & Exercise Science, Personal Training, and more recently Remedial Massage Therapy. With a strong interest in injury prevention, and alleviating chronic and acute injuries, Richards main objective is to provide the best service for his clients and to be available whenever they need treatment or pain relief.

Stan Callintzis


“Each person's goal is their whole world and helping them achieve that goal means the world to them.”

Stan has a strong passion for helping people in any way possible. 

His treatment method is centred around an individual’s needs and performance aspirations.

His goal is to assist his clients to achieve their goals, whether that’s to become pain free or to run a marathon. He understands each person's goal is their whole world, and works tirelessly towards their patient’s desired outcome.


His experience is backed by working as a Physiotherapist with Dulwich Hill Football Club, where he diagnosed and treated acute sporting injuries, providing on-field injury management.


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All of our sessions are 100% one-on-one, giving you our undivided attention and best care.
At Infinite Health we pride ourselves on providing effective, personalised care to help you move the way you need to, and live your life.



Our team of has helped over 3,000 clients recover. Our Physiotherapists have extensive experience treating all types of conditions, each with specific passions which ensure their clients get the best care to recover, stronger than before.

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Our clinics provide the best treatment methods and facilities, with convenient locations in Sydney CBD, Chatswood, & North Sydney.

We open early and close late so you can visit before or after work.

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