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Master of Physiotherapy - University of Sydney.

Bachelor of Exercise & Sport Science - Australian Catholic University.

Available at Sydney CBD & Mosman.

General and Sports Physiotherapy.
Speaks English.

"My goal is to reduce my patient's pain, improve their function and get them back to the activities they love."

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Why did Beth become a physiotherapist?

Beth has a passion for health and mobility, with a long history in dance and netball. Her first experience with a physiotherapist was after a dancing injury, which had stopped her from participating in sport and significantly impact daily function for a period of time. Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, Beth was able to progressively regain her mobility and function, while also learning valuable strategies to prevent future injuries. This sparked her interest in physiotherapy and solidified her commitment to helping others return to activities they love.

"Helping patients regain optimal function and achieve their goals is why I love my job."

Beth understands the importance of getting back to the best, pain-free version of yourself. She is committed to the process of regaining full strength and function post-injury, enabling patients to return to their normal activities without limitations. This is a major aspect of why Beth is passionate about physiotherapy. She believes that empowering patients through physiotherapy guidance and education on injury prevention is a powerful tool that should be extended to each patient. This enables patients to assume responsibility and take control of their health and recovery.

Beth's treatment style.

Beth uses a range of manual therapy techniques in conjunction with exercise therapy. These techniques include soft tissue massage and joint mobilisation to enable greater range of motion and allow patients to undergo more meaningful exercise. These techniques can also reduce discomfort, which allows the patient to strengthen the injured site within a more pain-free range.

Conditions Beth knows inside-out:

  • Shoulder pain

  • Back pain

  • Hip pain

  • Knee injuries

  • Rehabilitating sports injuries

Beth's sports and common injuries she sees in it:

Dance (contemporary and jazz) and netball. Knee instability, overuse injuries, knee/ankle injuries, and back pain.

Which sporting legends does Beth look up to?

Ashleigh Barty and/or any of the Matildas.

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