Do you have tight muscles, aches or pain?
If so, dry needling may be able to work for you!


Dry needling is the insertion of a sterile stainless steel needle into myofascial (muscular & fascial) trigger points. The aim of dry needling is to decrease pain, reduce tightness, improve range of motion and function.

Dry needling can be recommended or requested during a physiotherapy, sports physiotherapy, chiropractic or remedial massage session as part of a holistic treatment plan.


At Infinite Health your therapist will use dry needling to help with back pain, sciatica, calf or hamstring tightness, rotator cuff or shoulder injuries, hip impingement and many other conditions.


It is frequently used on athletes, officer workers and gym goers for pain modulation and to improve recovery.

Dry needling is an invasive procedure and before receiving the treatment you will need to make sure you are an appropriate candidate, with a thorough screening being conducted by your treating health care professional.

It is important to remember that dry needling is a ‘tool’ utilised during a treatment session and it is most effective when combined with rehabilitation exercises specific to the patients needs.

Your therapists who are trained in dry needling

John Lee.jpg

John Lee

Founder and Principal Physiotherapist

John founded Infinite Health Group for one sole purpose - to deliver the highest quality health care service to the community. He specialises in treating sports injuries, with expertise in knee and shoulder injuries. He also competes in football (soccer), providing him with practical experience around knee conditions and injuries.


Stan Callintzis


Stan has a strong passion for helping people in any way possible. His goal is to assist his clients to achieve their goals, whether that’s to become pain free or to run a marathon. His experience is backed by working as a physiotherapist with Dulwich Hill Football Club, where he diagnosed and treated acute sporting injuries, providing on-field injury management.