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Sydney's leading provider of physiotherapy services.

Your Go-To Physiotherapy Clinic in Sydney

Infinite Health offers personalised physiotherapy for musculoskeletal issues and conditions. Our team of expert physios in Sydney deliver targeted treatments to individuals to get lasting relief from pain and discomfort, as well as improved flexibility and mobility.

Whether it’s a sports injury or chronic condition, our Sydney physios can help to identify the root cause of the issue and provide holistic care, for faster recovery. Optimal health is our focus - we use evidence-based treatments alongside a sympathetic approach for each client. Book an appointment at any of our four physio clinics in Sydney today and start your journey towards recovery. 

What Can A Sydney Physio Help With?

When it comes to sports injuries or chronic pain, an experienced physio will be able to offer both fast relief and long-term recovery. With physiotherapy clinics conveniently located in Chatswood, North Sydney, Mosman, and Sydney CBD – we can provide you with immediate assistance for pain relief with the help of our expert physiotherapists, who will work closely with you to get you back on track to full health.


Some of the most common physiotherapy injuries we treat include:

  • Lower back pain

  • Neck pain

  • Arthritis

  • Shoulder strains

  • Knee injuries

  • Muscle strains

  • Ankle sprains

  • Improper spinal posture

Physiotherapy injuries can be caused by a range of factors, from overexertion during sports activity to something as mundane as prolonged periods of sitting with poor posture. If left unaddressed, these conditions can worsen and develop further into more serious conditions.


A physiotherapists will be able to provide both fast relief and long-term recovery to get you back on track to full health, as well as ongoing management and injury prevention strategies. Our treatment can include:


  • Massage therapy​​

  • Manual therapy

  • Dry needling

  • Spinal mobilisation

  • Postural advice

  • Supervised exercises and stretches

  • Shockwave therapy

Your journey to recovery is a gradual process, and you will see continued improvement in your condition as you attend physiotherapy sessions. Our physios in Sydney can also refer you to other specialists if physiotherapy is not the solution for you or if your injury requires multiple disciplines to recover fully.

Getting Started With Our Sydney Physios

Initial Consultation

During your first session, a physio will conduct a comprehensive physical examination to work out the main source of your injury or discomfort. If necessary, we may require you to undergo imaging tests to get a clearer understanding.

Tailored Treatment Plan

Based on your individual health and condition, a physiotherapists will create a tailored treatment plan that focuses on providing effective healing. This plan will include an overview of the recovery timeline, as well as the specific in-clinic treatments and at-home exercises that will be applied.


Throughout the recovery process, we will guide you on how to manage your injury or condition to minimise pain and promote continued healing.

Personalised Support for Recovery

Our promise to you is that we’ll be by your side from the first session to your eventual recovery. Dealing with a physiotherapy condition can be frustrating at times, and we want to make sure that you have all the support you need to make a full recovery in the shortest possible time.



A man receiving a massage from another man in a spa setting.

At Infinite Health Sydney Physio clinics - we support every body.


From elite athletes determined to get back on the field to busy office workers dealing with neck, back, and shoulder pain – our Sydney physiotherapists will work with you to address the root cause of your injury and provide a tailored rehabilitation programme. No matter what stage of life you’re at, we’re here to help.


Our experienced team of Sydney physios help with every aspect of injury prevention and treatment. From injury diagnosis and rehabilitation to targeted strength training – we take a hands-on approach to ensure you feel good, and your body gets back to peak performance. If you’re looking for the best physio in Sydney CBD or the surrounding suburbs, look no further than Infinite Health.


Our Sydney physio team will listen to your needs to devise a personalised plan best suited to your injury and your health goals. We provide a broad range of services and implement the best method (or a combination of methods) to get you back fighting fit.


Injury treatment and rehabilitation takes time, but the best thing you can do is work with a quality physio in Sydney and follow their advice and the exercises prescribed. Your physiotherapist develops strength, conditioning, and stretching programmes tailored to your body and your goals. So, sticking to the plan and putting in the work inside and outside of the clinic is key to a full recovery.


Do not push yourself too much, too soon. Your physiotherapist will develop a structured plan that includes natural stages of progression – so stick to this advice, and don’t try to rush yourself back to where you once were pre-injury. Too many people destroy the progress they have made by over-exerting themselves when they’re not ready.


If you are struggling with your treatment and rehab exercises, reach out to one of our Sydney physio clinics, and we can provide you with low-impact alternatives that suit you and keep you on the path to recovery.

Frequently Asked Questions 




What physiotherapy services do Infinite Health offer?

Providing the leading physio services in Sydney CBD, Infinite Health draw on several scientifically-backed modalities that help get each patient moving again. A typical session with our team from any of the Infinite Health Sydney physiotherapy clinics will incorporate:

  • Exercise programs. Following a detailed evaluation of your condition, your Infinite Health Sydney physio will guide you through various exercises to bring back mobility in your joints, boost your circulation and strengthen the affected muscles.

  • Postural advice. Your therapist might also work with you to improve your posture through muscular exercises that will assist in finding the underlying causes of your injury or issue.

  • Joint mobilisation. Infinite Health physios in Sydney's CBD use joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques to regain a full range of motion, eliminate or minimise discomfort, and to help stretch out the affected muscles.

  • Massage. Our therapists target sports physiotherapy and remedial massages to relax affected muscles and reduce swelling and pain. 

  • Dry needling. Dry needling involves placing short needles into the affected muscles of a patient to assist in releasing muscle knots and reducing pain.

  • Sports injuries. Infinite Health’s sports physiotherapy experts help to manage, treat, and prevent sporting injuries.


Book same day appointments with Infinite Health’s Sydney physiotherapists and see real improvements right away.


What conditions can a Sydney physio help with?

At Infinite Health, we work across a wide range of cases, helping clients with everything from back pain, to sports injuries, remedial massage therapy, and osteoporosis management. Physiotherapists are most beneficial and knowledgeable across musculoskeletal injuries.  Whether you’re facing neck, jaw, shoulder, elbow, back, hip, knee, ankle, or foot pain, we can help.

Here are some of the most common conditions that we help with within our physiotherapy clinics in Sydney CBD, Chatswood, North Sydney, and Mosman:

Neck injuries. Due to its increased range of mobility, the human neck is very susceptible to injuries, ranging from minor to life-ending. Between facet joint sprains to chronic cervicogenic headaches, our team of Sydney physios can enact a plan that will help reduce the risk of damage to other muscles or discs and provides you with relief from the discomfort. 


Knee pain: If you have injured your knee playing a sport, or damaged a nearby ligament skiing, knee injuries can leave you in serious discomfort and almost without movement. With the physio techniques that Sydney CBD trusts, we'll develop you a personalised treatment plan to address the pain and help you regain strength in and around your knee.


Lower back pain: Millions of Australians experience lower back pain at some point in their lives, whether it is as a result of the sport, work or another lifestyle injury. At Infinite Health, we can help you get targeted relief from back pain by strengthening your back. Our customised plans are developed with your injury and lifestyle in mind and help you get back on track in the most efficient way possible for your associated condition.



Can you help me with spinal rehabilitation?




We take every injury seriously, as rehabilitation is something that must be completed and monitored carefully and correctly. Spinal injuries deserve special attention for a few key reasons:

  • Spinal injuries are some of the most difficult injuries to recover from due to the possibility of nerve damage and other similar complications. Infinite Health's physiotherapists in Sydney’s CBD will provide a tailored patient rehabilitation course to gradually restore full function.

  • Post-injury rehabilitation requires adjustments to the way that you live if you want to recover safely and prevent injury from happening again. Every treatment plan at our Sydney physio clinics is designed to allow you to adapt to your body’s new condition – maximising your comfort, minimising pain, and reducing the risk of future injury.

Remember that there's always hope. If you're recovering from an injury, speak with one of our physiotherapists today to take your first step towards a more comfortable life. 


Should I see a sports physio or a regular physiotherapist?


Deciding whether to see a sports physiotherapist or a general physiotherapist depends on the nature and severity of your injury.


While both offer similar treatment programs, sports physio is a more targeted branch of physiotherapy that actively manages and helps prevent the injuries associated with sports and exercise. With sports physiotherapy – conditioning can be more intense and plays a bigger role in recovery. However, the focus on pain management is more rigorous with regular physiotherapy than it is with sports physio.


General physiotherapy is appropriate for a broader range of injuries, illnesses, and conditions. If you’re trying to determine the right treatment for you and you’re unsure where to start – reach out to any of our Sydney CBD physios at Infinite Health, and we will be able to guide you on the right path.


At Infinite Health, we provide both sports and general physiotherapy to our clients – because we understand the importance of both practices and tailoring the rehabilitation to the individual. Whether you are struggling with plantar fasciitis from running or shoulder pain from working on a laptop all day – we’re here to help.


With clinics conveniently located in North Sydney, Mosman, Chatswood, and Sydney CBD – our Sydney physio team are ready to provide effective and tailored support to suit your needs.

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