Remedial Massage Therapist

Available at Chatswood and North Sydney

"I love to see my patients return to sport in a normal way and without pain."

Kevin J (1).jpg

Why did Kevin become a remedial massage therapist?

Originally a phyiotherapist in Argentina, Kevin became a massage therapist as a way to continue working  sports in a direct way and how to help people to return to their sport as quickly as possible.


The most rewarding part of the job?

"When I see the patient who returns to his activity or sport in a normal way and without pain."

Conditions Kevin knows inside-out

  • Knee pain


Key experience

Working with the Argentine taekwondo and volleyball team.


Sports kinesiology applied to running.


Kevin's sport/s (and common injuries he sees in it):

Surfing. Lower back pain is the most frequent.

Which sporting legends does Kevin look up to?

Kelly Slater

Sporting achievements

World youth taekwondo championship in Canada, also in the Costa Rica Open, 2 Pan-American championships in Mexico.