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Ankle Sprain: End Stage Rehab 1 - Basketball

As we’ve touched on numerous of times, just because your injury may be pain free that does NOT necessarily mean you are completely rehabbed. Even after being pain free you will still have deficits in your muscular endurance at a match specific intensity and duration, and may also still have dysfunctions in your movement patterns.

This is why end stage rehab, or sports rehab, is so important as it is the linking stage between functional rehab and full return to sport.

All the exercises shown challenge dynamic ankle stability whilst incorporating balance, proprioception, multitasking, lateral hip stability and hand-eye coordination.⠀ ⠀⠀ - Single Leg lateral hops with ball catching - focus on keeping your ankle, knee and hip aligned, stable and soft landing, absorbing through the hips. Get the movement down right then introduce the ball, catching and passing back with each hop.

- Single leg lateral hops with ball dribbling - building upon the first exercise, now incorporate some dribbling with the basketball.

- Modified skater jumps with ball dribbling - next is a skater jump modified to be even more basketball specific. This exercise improves the endurance of your dynamic lateral stability as well as developing additional speed and power of your lateral movement. Combine it with dribbling and a cross over to make it more basketball specific.

- Diagonal skater jumps with ball dribbling - this exercise is a progression from the previous, with the addition of a diagonal jump through hexagons to increase the distance between jumps. This also improves coordination of your handling skills with taking off in a forward drive movement.

Have fun!

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