Treat the effects of muscular strain and tight muscles with a dedicated Infinite Health sports massage treatment.

Regardless of the sport you play or the location of your pain, a specialised sports massage will release any built-up tension and allow you to perform at your best.


Infinite Health's expert team of physiotherapists and massage therapists offer the specialised sports massage Sydney athletes rely on for recovery and preparation for future activity.


A targeted sports massage is different from remedial massages or deep tissue massages. Whilst combining elements of a deep tissue massage, a sports massage is targeted towards the loosening of specific muscles after a workout. Compared to a remedial massage, sports massage will incorporate more fast-paced massage, stretching, and other precise muscle manipulation.


Sports massages are often incorporated as part of a wider warm-up or as preparation for a major sporting event, like a race or match. With the chief goal of releasing stiffness and discomfort following a strenuous workout, sports massages can also be used for individuals experiencing this discomfort due to bad posture, inactivity, and following injury.

Benefits of a Sports Massage

Under the dedicated treatment from a member of the Infinite Health team, you will notice marked improvements in physical condition. Some of the other benefits of a specialised sports massage include: 


  • Improved range of motion, leading to better performance 

  • Reduced rehabilitation time following an injury 

  • Reduction in muscle tension, discomfort, and overall soreness

  • Increased in relaxation levels, allowing you to focus on psychological aspects of training 

  • Better sleep quality before sports and workouts. 


These benefits are gained from the increased blood circulation that sports massage provides. Toxins and other waste materials are flushed out by the healthy blood flow. Freshly flowing blood stimulates the muscles and carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body that facilitate muscle recovery and release of tension. 

Experience Infinite Health's Sports Massage Across North Sydney & Chatswood

Your sports massage therapists

Kevin J (1)_enhanced_edited.jpg

Kevin Jensen

Remedial Massage Therapist
North Sydney & Chatswood

Kevin loves to help people to return to their life and sports as quickly as possible. He feels most rewarded when he sees his patients return to their activities or sports without any pain. 


He is trained as a Remedial Massage Therapist in Australia, and also holds a degree as a Physiotherapist from his home country of Argentina.

JH mobile_enhanced_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jie Huang

Remedial Massage Therapist

Originally trained as an acupuncturist, Jie then explored and trained as a remedial massage therapist as a way of providing holistic care for her patients in order to get them the best result.


She loves to help her patients return to enjoying life pain free!

Getting the most out of your sports massage

Warm up.

Warming up before a massage might sound redundant. However, it should be treated like any exercise as this will decrease the likelihood you will get damaged and increase the effectiveness of the massage itself. Showering beforehand is a great way of warming and loosening up your muscles to help you enjoy the benefits of manual therapy. 


Drinking plenty of water before Infinite Health's sports massage Sydney session will reduce any post-massage soreness or discomfort. Without proper hydration, your blood flow might be sluggish, reducing the effectiveness of the massage itself. Frequent aches and pains in your muscles are also a sign of dehydration, so it is vital to drink the recommended amount of water daily. 

Be prepared to move around.

Routine goes hand in hand with progress. To get the most out of your sports massage, keep sessions at a frequency that suits you, ensuring you give your body plenty of time to recover between sessions. Frequent sessions will help build routine in your muscles and help them heal better. Humans are capable of recovering on our own, and getting a massage too often will reduce our ability to do so. Ensure you are getting sports massages when you need them most and leave plenty of time before significant matches or races. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does sports massage in Sydney cost? 


The costs of your targeted sports massage will depend on the appointment length and your therapist.


Here’s a breakdown of costs: 

60-minute appointment: $100 - $130

90-minute appointment: $150 - $195

120-minute appointment: $200 - $260


Should I get a sports massage before a race? 


If you are within 48 hours of a big race or match, we recommend a slightly less intense massage compared to the high-intensity standard sports massage. Tenderness is an expected after-effect of a sports massage, affecting performance on the day. A massage before an event should help boost circulation and flexibility in your muscles and joints, which helps prevent further injuries.


Can I still get a sports massage if I don't play sport? 


Absolutely! Even if you aren't experiencing the pains or discomforts associated with sports, a sports massage can target areas that are experiencing tension as a result of injury, inactivity, or bad posture. Sports massages are targeted to reduce stiffness, and their intensity has a broad range of usefulness.


Individuals that work in a particularly laborious professional that demands extreme movements like recurring heavy lifting can benefit from regular sports massages to help balance out the increased stress on their knees, shoulders, and lower back.



How long does a standard sports massage go for?


How long your massage will take will depend on the severity of your discomfort or the intensity you require. Generally, if you're not sure what kind of appointment you need for your issues, we recommend consulting with your sports massage therapist, who will be able to inform your decision after you've discussed your objectives. There are three types of appointments available in Sydney with Infinite Health at our Chatswood & North Sydney sports massage Sydney locations:


60-minute appointments

Allows for treatment on two to four muscle groups, depending on the severity of the issue.


90-minute appointments

Ideal for patients with more complex issues or those who want more time spent on specific muscle groups. 90-minute appointments are also most appropriate for those who have not had a massage in a long time, as any previous concerns may have worsened over time.


120-minute appointments

Best suited to patients requiring a complete body massage therapy treatment or extensive work on specific muscle groups. Also highly recommended for those who have put off a massage for extensive periods as any previous or neglected issues may have worsened over time.



Will a sports massage help with lactic acid build-up? 


Lactic acid production is a part of the metabolic cycle. During strenuous exercise, the level of lactic acid in our bodies can rise, which causes fatigue and a burning sensation in our muscles. Sometimes this feeling can last longer than expected. One way to get rid of this uncomfortable burning sensation is through a sports massage. Infinite Health's sports massage Sydney sees healthy circulation get promoted in the affected areas, with oxygenated blood giving a refreshing feeling to affected muscles.


Can I get a sports massage if I'm pregnant? 


During pregnancy, the body experiences softening of joints and ligaments. Due to the fragile nature of pregnancy, we do not recommend an intense sports massage, as it can cause harm to the infant or to critical areas of the body that are already under extreme stress. For more specific advice, speak to your GP.