For anyone in the lower north shore suffering the debilitating effects of a sports injury, visit Infinite Health’s Mosman sports physio clinic for effective, reliable, and comprehensive treatment.

Effective sports physiotherapy backed by science - now in Mosman.

Mosman Sports Physio

Sports Physiotherapy in Mosman

Here at Infinite Health Mosman, we treat everyone from casual athletes to professionals. Whether you’re suffering from a sporting injury or a long-term concern, our range of sports-specific rehabilitation tools will get you back to full health in no time. Our sports physiotherapists do not just target pain relief but conduct specialised treatment on the area to encourage the prevention of future injury.


As sporting enthusiasts ourselves, the Infinite Health Mosman team are the experts when it comes to sports-based physiotherapy. We’re able to target the specific demands and pressures of every sport, and deliver research-driven sports physiotherapy in Mosman. At Infinite Health, your Mosman sports physio will develop for you:


  • Personalised treatment plans for your injury

  • In-person guidance on technique

  • Applied intervention in pain relief

  • Education on future prevention and awareness plans


Under the watchful eye of our experienced physios, we are confident we can get you back to full strength and back on the playing field in no time. Each sports physio session is delivered one-on-one. You’ll be guided through your personalised program that optimises recovery based on the nature of your injury or for future prevention.

New Mosman Sports Physiotherapy Clients

All new Mosman clients will begin their Infinite Health experience with an initial consultation with a specialised sports physiotherapist. We’ll go through relevant medical information to assess and diagnose the cause of your pain. An evaluation of your injury, coupled with a look at any past injuries, will help us develop a personalised treatment plan to kick-start your recovery.

Sports Physio vs Regular Physio Appointments

There is not much to separate a regular physio from a sports physio when it comes to their methodology, techniques, and background. However, a sports physio will specialise in managing the specific injuries that come with training.


The musculoskeletal system refers to the arrangement of the main bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments, and soft tissues, or the framework of the body, that allows for motion and also protects the body when playing sport.


Standard physiotherapy will emphasise the rehabilitation of patients in general areas to return to their everyday functions. On the other hand, sports physiotherapy will focus on whether patients are able to return to or manage the physical demands of their chosen sport.


Each sports physio at Infinite Health Mosman plays sport themselves. The team is experienced in sporting environments and the demands of Australia’s most popular sports. When you choose a sports physio, choose an active and engaged sports player that understands the optimal level of fitness required for your chosen activity, and how to get you there.

Frequently asked questions



How often should I see a sports physio?

Your sports physio treatment schedule will depend on a few factors, including the type of injury you have, the severity of the injury, and your own personal recovery process.

In general, it is recommended that you see a sports physiotherapist at least once a week for the first few weeks after sustaining an injury. After that, you can gradually reduce the frequency of your visits as you start to feel better.

Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule. If your injury is particularly severe, you may need to see a sports physiotherapist more often. Likewise, if you are not making progress as quickly as you would like, you may need to increase the frequency of your visits. Ultimately, it is important to listen to your body and do what is best for your own recovery.

Generally speaking, the Infinite Health physio team in Mosman will be able to assess your individual situation and give you specific advice on how often you should schedule appointments.


Is sports physiotherapy better for me than regular physiotherapy?


Whilst both treatments are similar to one another, sports physiotherapy is a more targeted branch of therapy that explicitly deals with sports-related trauma. Injury prevention, conditioning, and pain management are all unique to techniques employed in sports physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy is beneficial for a broader range of conditions compared to the precision of sports physiotherapy. One branch is not necessarily ‘better’ than the other, as each discipline is more suited for different types of patients. Different patients will benefit from one branch to another depending on the extent and cause of their injury.


Where is Infinite Health located?


You can find Infinite Health's Mosman location at Suite 2/ 884 Military Road Mosman, NSW 2088. There is parking either on Military Road or just nearby in the Raglan Street East Carpark. 


What facilities do you have?


At Infinite Health, we are determined to provide a space where you can rehabilitate from your sports injuries in the best possible way. Each Infinite Health location is designed with proactive treatment in mind.


When it comes to sports physio, we can treat all musculoskeletal disorders and manage them adequately with the range of equipment we have access to. The equipment you use will depend on your injury. If you have heard of a specific rehabilitation instrument, chances are, we’ve got it. Book an appointment with a Mosman sports physio today to begin your recovery journey.



Do I need a referral to see a sports physio?


No. You do not need a referral to see a sports physio.



What happens if I don’t follow my treatment plan?


The treatment plan provided to you by your physio is scientifically supported to help you maximise your rate of recovery from injury. It is designed with prevention in mind, and building up strength in key areas to keep you from reinjuring yourself.


Each team member is fully certified with degrees in Physiotherapy, as well as further accreditation in various subcategories around physical health and wellbeing. Each physio uses their combined years of training to provide science-backed treatment plans to all of our clients, and we strongly encourage you follow your plan.


If you believe that your treatment plan is not effective, or causing further pain, it is important to let your sports physio know as soon as possible, so it can be amended to maintain your effective treatment.

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Meet the Mosman Physios


"My treatment style is a combination of massage, mobilisation and muscle energy techniques to help my patients feel better and move better plus take home exercises to empower them to care for themselves."

- Aaron, on his approach as a physio

Common conditions that I treat

  • Neck pain, back pain or stiffness.

  • Bulging discs, pinched nerve or sciatica.

  • Shoulder or knee pain.

  • Sporting injuries.

  • Gym based injuries.

Experience & Accreditations

  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy. Australian Catholic University (ACU).

  • The Sporting Knee.

  • Spinal Foundations.

  • Powerlifting injury prevention.

  • Dry Needling Level 1

  • Strength & Conditioning Level 1


My sports

Weight training, powerlifting & rugby.