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This is not your ordinary personal training session commonly found at gyms. Here at Infinite Health, your 1-on-1 personal training session is closely supervised and prescribed by an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist
This means a tertiary qualified health professional will provide you with the most up to date
evidence based exercises & training programs to get you to your goal, without causing or flaring up any injuries.


No one session is ever the same and each session is specifically tailored to your fitness status and goals.


It is not surprising that many of the physiotherapists at Infinite Health recommend personal training as a complementary practice post-treatment in order to sustain the results from physiotherapy.

Benefits of personal training with an Exercise Physiologist


  • Exercise that is safe & appropriate for you

  • A fun and supportive environment

  • Evidence based spinal strengthening programs for back and neck pain

  • Evidence based functional strength and conditioning programs

  • Catered for people with chronic disease such as diabetes and osteopenia


Every session is different and includes a variety of movements from body weight exercises to using barbells, dumbbells, suspension trainers, pulley machine, slam balls, medicine balls, a weighted vest and more!

The right choice for your body


Before we help you transform into a better version of yourself, we will conduct an initial consultation which includes finding out your medical and injury history, sport and training history, goals and objectives, functional movement screen and fitness assessment. This will better enable us to make a detailed plan that is appropriate to you, so that you know each session is targeted at reaching your goals!


All ages and fitness levels are welcome. Our clinics are located in Chatswood & North Sydney making it a convenient destination for people from all over Sydney.


Contact us today on 02 9412 2222 or via email at and change your life today!

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