Exercise Physiology is a healthcare profession that specialises in exercise therapy.


Accredited exercise physiologists (AEPs) hold a four-year university degree and can prescribe exercises to fix your back, knee or shoulder pain, improve your bone density, reduce your blood glucose & cholesterol levels, improve your sports or gym performance… you name it!


Whether you’re wanting to maximise your time spent working out, ensure you are performing exercises with safe technique, or simply want to just get started in general… an Exercise Physiologist is the best place to start!

By thoroughly assessing your body’s strengths & weaknesses (with an added understanding of any previous injuries you may have had), an AEP is able to specifically design an exercise program just right for you.

For example, this may be a workout you can do in the comforts of your own home using minimal equipment in order to improve your strength, balance & bone strength… or it may be a workout performed at the gym in order to put on muscle size, ‘tone’ your body, lose weight or improve your lifts!

AEPS are recognised by most private health insurances as well.


1. Optimal Biomechanics: EP’s can teach you how to move as efficiently as possible; whether it’s for everyday life, at work doing manual handling, or playing a sport. This means you will be able to function properly without placing an excessive strain on your joints and muscles.


2. Optimal Performance: EP’s are experts in flexibility, mobility and strength training. Using their in-depth knowledge of this and how the body is supposed to move at its most optimal level, they can help to improve your performance for your chosen sport.  


3. Reduced injury risk: At Infinite Health, our Exercise Physiologists specialise in injury risk movement screens, meaning they can assess your level of risk of injury and uncover areas needed to improve upon in order to reduce this. Our EP’s can then use specific corrective exercises for you, based on your problem areas, to improve your level of injury risk.


4. Elite athletes/weekend warriors: If you want to take your training to your next level, to see if your training is appropriate and suitable, or even to see where your current baseline level is at then our Exercise Physiologists can help. 


5. Chronic Disease Management: Our EP's also have plenty of experience in helping clients who have diabetes, pre-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis, obesity and weight loss.