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Experience the power of exercise for treating injuries, improving your strength and balance, and managing chronic diseases with Infinite Health.

Our exercise physiology services can be booked within the Infinite Health North Sydney & Chatswood clinics. 

What is Exercise Physiology?

Exercise Physiology is a healthcare profession that specialises in all things exercise. ​


Whether you're a healthy person simply wanting to learn how to workout safely, a gym-goer wishing to improve their deadlifts at the gym, a sports enthusiast wanting to rehab their sports-related injury, are suffering from ongoing lower back or knee pain, or have a chronic disease/disability, an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) can help!


Here's a quick background of an AEP: much like a physiotherapist, they hold a four-year university degree, are Allied Healthcare Professionals, but specialise purely in exercise-based therapy. Learn more about the background of Infinite Health's AEP here.


They also hold accreditation with a professional body (Exercise & Sports Science Australia) and are covered by most private health insurances as well.


Where it differs from physio, exercise physiology and physiologists do not perform any hands-on treatment (massage).

The exercise physiologist Sydney residents depend on. Available at our Chatswood & North Sydney Locations

Patrick cut out

Patrick Hughes

Accredited Exercise Physiologist
Chatswood & North Sydney

"I love interacting with people, exercising, and helping others achieve whatever their goals may be - whether that's returning to sport, training pain free, or improving their strength and overall health & wellbeing."

Experience & qualifications

  • Bachelors of Exercise Physiology, UNSW

  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Level 1 Coach

  • Postural Analysis and Functional Assessment

  • Run Strong - Guiding the runner from assessment to performance

  • Functional Assessment, Treatment & Training Course

  • Functional Movement Screen

My sports

Soccer, running, tennis, cycling

- Pat, on why he became an Exercise Physiologist.

Common conditions our exercise physiologists treat


Gym based injuries.

Sports injuries.

Running related injuries.

Common conditions include:

Meniscus injuries

ACL or MCL injuries

Tendinopathy (tendinitis)

Shoulder pain & instability

Chronic ankle sprains

Chronic hamstring strains


Those with poor posture, poor core strength, back stiffness or spine related injuries.

Common conditions include:

Neck pain

Back pain


Disc bulges

Stiff back

Rounded shoulders

Poke / Text neck


55+ age group suffering from chronic diseases or strength & balance issues.

Common conditions include:


Osteoporosis / Osteopenia

Falls risk

Parkinson's disease




Heart disease

When we're available

Chatswood exercise physiology
Tuesday 8am to 7pm
Wednesday 11am to 7pm
Saturday 9am to 1pm

North Sydney exercise physiology
Monday 8am to 7pm
Thursday 8am to 7pm

What an exercise physiologist Sydney session looks like...

  1. To begin with, they will conduct a thorough screening of your injury & medical history and chat with you about your current injury (if applicable), training history, goals, likes & dislikes about exercise. ​

  2. Next, they will thoroughly assess your body - for exercise physiology, this might include looking at your range of motion, localised and global strength, balance, or evaluating your functional or sports-specific movement. ​

  3. After this, an accredited exercise physiologist will come up with a treatment plan for you in order to get you back to full health! As the name 'exercise physiology' suggests, this will undoubtedly involve some form of exercise-based therapy.

Kind words from those we have helped...

Exercise physiology in progress

Other benefits of seeing an Exercise Physiologist in Sydney

1. Optimal Biomechanics: An accredited exercise physiologist can teach you how to move as efficiently as possible; whether it’s for everyday life, at work doing manual handling, or playing a sport. This means you will be able to function properly without placing an excessive strain on your joints and muscles.


2. Optimal Performance: EP’s are experts in flexibility, mobility and strength training. Using their in-depth exercise physiology knowledge of this and how the body is supposed to move at its most optimal level, they can help to improve your performance for your chosen sport.  


3. Reduced injury risk: At Infinite Health, our Exercise Physiologists specialise in injury risk movement screens, meaning they can assess your level of risk of injury and uncover areas needed to improve upon in order to reduce this. Our EP’s can then use specific corrective exercises for you, based on your problem areas, to improve your level of injury risk.

Don't overthink it, just get started!

Work Out Correctly in Infinite Health's Sports-Engineered Facilities

Each of our innovative and modern facilities has been designed to kickstart a safe and effective workout routine for individuals looking to rehab a sports injury. Our exercise physiologists work out of the Infinite Health North Sydney & Chatswood clinics - each studio has been designed to enhance the performance of all athletes and clients.


Regardless of what sport you are looking to return to playing again or part of the body you are looking to build strength back within, Infinite Health's exercise physiologist Sydney team can get you there. Exercise physiology appointments will include our exercise physiologists taking the time to undergo fitness assessments, generate individualised exercise programs, and set physical rehabilitation goals that are both attainable and are going to improve athletic development.


Our AEP utilises Infinite Health's range of top-of-the-line fitness and sports equipment, free weights, bands, and spacious training zones to encourage positive exercise-based therapy for treating various conditions. 


At Infinite Health, you'll be able to learn and perform your personalised program under the guidance of our AEP to reach your movement and strength goals. 

Exercise Physiologist Sydney Frequently Asked Questions

I have been recommended by a doctor to see an exercise physiologist; what do you do? 


If you have been referred to an EP, it is because your doctor believes an injury, or your overall wellbeing may benefit from exercise physiology services and receiving a personalised exercise program. Following your initial consultation with an exercise physiologist, the EP will use your health background and current physical mobility to determine relevant exercise interventions. 

From this, the EP will personalise an exercise program for you that will see you increase your level of mobility or overall health back to a target level. Each session will be fully supervised and involve careful analysis of your health and fitness and might involve other lifestyle changes to help meet your goals. Your EP may then create home based exercise programs to continue injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, and improving functional capacity outside the clinic.


Do I need a referral from a GP to see an exercise physiologist?


You do not need a referral from a GP to see Infinite Health's exercise physiologist in Sydney. If you want to see an EP, you can reach out to Infinite Health directly - whether you're a professional athlete,  are interested in exercising correctly for weight loss, suffer from a chronic condition, or are dealing with a recurring injury from your chosen sport or activity. Medicare can subsidise sessions for individuals that meet specific criteria, and eligibility for this program does require a referral.


Can exercise physiology help me before surgery? 


Effective exercise physiology is essential to recovering post-surgery. However, exercise physiology is also beneficial in the lead up to surgery. For operations in the hip and knee area, strengthening the muscles around the regions before surgery will accelerate your recovery after the surgery. Stronger muscles are quicker and more effective in restoring function and movement in the affected area. Your EP will help you with what is known as prehabilitation which will optimise your body for significant surgery through specialised exercises and target strength programs.


How is exercise physiology different to personal training? 


Personal training is conducted in either a one-on-one or group training scenario and by an instructor with a Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness Instruction. Personal training targets individuals who are healthy and do not have any injuries or conditions affecting performance. Personal trainers are engaged by individuals who are seeking a general improvement of their overall fitness. Held in parks or large gyms, personal trainers and their clients conduct a wide range of standardised exercises.


On the other hand, exercise physiology concerns individuals who require specialised attention whilst exercising. Exercise physiologists are exercise professionals that have completed at least four years of tertiary education in the field. EPs are accredited by relevant bodies such as the Exercise & Sports Science Australia and the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. Compared to personal training, exercise physiology is targeted toward recovery from musculoskeletal injuries or helping treat chronic conditions. Exercise physiology will include your therapist creating exercise programs specifically tailored to your current fitness, injuries faced, medical history, and goals for improving sporting performance. Sessions with an EP are conducted one-on-one with programs aimed to meet the health, strength, and fitness goals of the individual rather than any general standard.



How many sessions with an exercise physiologist do I need? 


The number of sessions with Infinite Health's exercise physiologist in Sydney that you will need will depend on the nature of your injury or condition. There is no set time frame, and everyone's path to recovery and musculoskeletal rehabilitation is different. With a referral from a GP, you will be entitled to five sessions funded or subsidised by Medicare. In these sessions, you will receive a personalised training program for use in the future. Some individuals will continue the sessions as they enjoy the one-on-one nature of the training. In contrast, others might lower the frequency to track progress over a more extended period. The choice is yours. Book in with one of our Chatswood or North Sydney exercise physiologists to get started!

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