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Dr Ben


Master of Chiropractic (Postgraduate). Macquarie University.

Available at Chatswood.

General and Sports Chiropractic.

Speaks English & Korean.

"It is rewarding to give my patients hope and help them return to their best life."


Why did Ben become a chiropractor?

Ben has always been intrigued and moved when he connects with people. Such people include workers who sweat/toil in their vocation, a baby that never stops exploring movement, graceful musicians, disciplined athletes, overseas students who study hard for their dream, dancers and competitors in Veterans World Judo Championships. He believes that everyone has the inner spirit of an athlete which is what makes each person admirable in their own way.

Because Ben also has an inner athlete in him (although he is no athlete unfortunately), his preferred sports are weightlifting and judo. However, as with all athletes, injuries tend to get in the way. On his journey to seeking solutions he ended finding himself pursuing the art of chiropractic.

Helping his patients achieve their goals is why Ben loves his job.

Ben loves the joy he and his patient experience as a team when they achieve the goal. He finds it rewarding to help give his patients hope and identify which goals are truly important to the patient.

Ben's treatment style:

Ben specialises in specific hands on chiropractic manual therapy and corrective exercise intervention to restore and reinforce the movement that your body was designed to access. He believes our body was designed to be strong and resilient.


Whilst Ben focuses on the area that is hurting, he always keeps an eye on the whole system. He has a special interest in gait (walking) and foot. In a gait cycle from heel strike to toe off, all 206 bones in the body are designed to move, in sync, from the foot all the way up to the skull. So it is absolutely true that everything is connected and it is not bizarre that your foot is related to your knee pain and your neck pain.

Conditions Ben is passionate about treating:

  • Knee pain

  • Shoulder pain

  • Lower back and neck pain

  • Walking/running analysis

  • Foot injuries



  • Bachelor of Chiropractic Science (Macquarie University)

  • Master of Chiropractic (Macquarie University)

  • Neurokinetic Therapy Level 1

  • Dry needling Level 1

  • Anatomy in Motion (Flow Motion Model)

  • Functional Range Systems (Functional Release)

  • Original Strength (Pressing Reset)

  • Rock Tape Level 1


Key experience

Ben is well rounded and has worked with members of a crossfit gym, with patients in a medical centre and with seniors at an aged care facility.

Ben's sport

Judo and weight training.

Which sporting legends does Ben look up to?

Roger Federer

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