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Get the support you need to enjoy the lifestyle you want.


Infinite Health is a full-service physiotherapy practice delivering a broad range of services and treatments designed to help everyone live a better life. With a special focus on injury recovery, we help everyone from athletes to people suffering from chronic aches manage their injuries and discomfort. 


Our goal is always to see you return to the work or sports you love, so we endeavour to keep the price of working with our qualified physiotherapists affordable, making professional support accessible to everyone. With patients of all ages, all backgrounds and all lifestyles, we have the breadth and depth of experience necessary to provide tailored consultation for everyone.


If you’ve recently suffered an injury or are concerned about a persistent pain, book an initial consultation with us.

A full suite of services


At Infinite Health, we recognise the importance of working with a qualified physiotherapist, but also understand the value of complementary treatments. To this end, our practice retains a number of highly experienced massage therapists and exercise physiologists, giving us a broader range of tools with which to help our patients.


Exercise physiology (EP) focuses on the development of custom exercise programs for individuals recovering from sporting injuries or managing chronic illnesses. The end goal of every EP course is to help the patient move more efficiently and with optimal performance, not only helping them achieve at a higher level in their chosen sport but guarding against injury resulting from muscle or joint strain.


Massage therapy at Infinite Health involves the use of a wide range of soft tissue therapies from trigger point therapy to remedial, deep tissue and Swedish massage. Your therapist will work with you to understand your goals and will tailor each session to your needs, helping your relax, recovery from injury or relieve muscle stiffness.

Book your initial consultation


Contact our physiotherapy clinic today on 02 9412 2222 or send us your questions through our contact form or via email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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