Dr Veronica


Masters of Chiropractic (Postgraduate). Macquarie University

Available at North Sydney and Chatswood.

"You are only one adjustment away from having a great day!"


Why did Veronica become a chiropractor?

Veronica has worked in a hospital and medical laboratory for 5 years, seeing people suffering from neuromusculoskeletal pain and having limited improvement from surgery and medicine. She realised that “The doctor of future will give no medicine.” That’s why she decided to study chiropractic, practicing the idea of helping people to achieve health naturally, by looking well into the spine and joints, without the use of medicine and surgery. 

The most rewarding part of the job?

All movements are driven by muscles, all muscles are controlled by nerves, and all nerves are originated from the spine. Once the spine is corrected, the movement is subsequently improved. Not magic, just about the theory. Veronica enjoys how patients’ life have small and big miracles after she adjusts their joints, easing their pain and releasing their potential.

Veronica's treatment style:

Veronica believes that misalignment of the spine and neuromusculoskeletal system can cause pain and illness. She has a pair of eyes that are good at seeking asymmetry, so that she can analyse all tiny differences in your body structure, realising how your bones, muscles, and nerves work.


After a thorough physical and neurological examination of your body, she will make an individualised treatment plan for you. She is highly proficient in joint mobilisation and adjustment techniques, helping your body function better and heal itself.


She is also good at soft tissue works, releasing muscle tension before an adjustment can prevent and alleviate joint pain more effectively. She will then advise you on the ways to self-care with exercise and a better diet.  

Conditions Veronica knows inside-out:

  • Neck pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Whole body structural analysis

Common injuries Veronica sees:

  • TMJ

  • Neck injuries

  • Low back injuries

  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries


Key experiences

Campsie Family Medical Centre - where Veronica diagnosed and treated community injuries.



  • Inspiral - Kids Dynamic development

  • RockTape - Taping - Level 1 

  • Smart Point - Functional Dry Needling - Level 1 

  • Sports Chiropractic Australia & AFS Group - Sports Trainer - Level 1

Veronica's sport of choice?

Martial arts

Which sporting legend does Veronica look up to?

Bruce Lee