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Elbow, Back or Knee Pain?

Remedial massage could be the fix for you!

Today’s blog post is a special shout out to all our followers and patients who could use a little extra TLC for the month of March!

Why’s that? Well, for the rest of March we shall be running a 20% off promo exclusively for our new Remedial Massage Therapist, Matt Kim. Use our code IH20 when booking online, or mention it to our friendly receptionists at 02 9412 2222.

Check out Matt in action below, doing a Remedial Massage session involving massage, dry needling and cupping… all in the one session!

Why try Dry Needling for elbow pain?

Dry Needling for smaller joints, such as the elbow joints, works great work targeting the smaller muscles, tendons & ligaments of the human body. Meaning a needle will be able to get into, and thus stimulate healing, in specific muscles that hands-on massage cannot, and at a deeper level.

Why try Cupping Therapy for quads recovery?

Do you do a lot of running and/or kicking based-sports? Cupping for recovery will be most beneficial for you, in order to help reduce muscle tightness and thus improve muscle function between training sessions.

Who should try cupping therapy for their back

Similar to the above, cupping on your spine can help relieve muscle tightness in the muscle either side of your spine, together with cupping on the upper back muscle to help reduce tension caused from poor posture/desk work.

Benefits of massage therapy for knee pain

Hands-on massage for knee pain can be very beneficial in stimulating further blood flow, and thus healing, into areas that lack blood flow - such as tendons. It can also help reduce swelling and muscular tightness, in order to improve function of a joint and surrounding muscle.

Lastly, here’s a bit of background info about Matt!

Matt has 10 years experience in Chinese medicine, including acupuncture, remedial massage and fitness, which allows him to approach each patient's health issues in a holistic manner. Matt has a lot of experience and a particular interest in treatment of back and neck pain.

He uses different techniques such as massage (deep tissue, remedial or relaxation), dry needling with electrical stimulation and cupping therapy in order to help relieve pain and improve movement.

Matt has a Diploma of Remedial Massage, and is claimable under private health funds. He is available at our Chatswood, Sydney CBD and Mosman locations.

Want to take advantage of our 20% off offer? Click the button below!

Note, this offer is valid for a one-time use only.


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