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Crucial reasons for using a specific exercise program

Utilising an exercise program is an essential tool for any athlete wanting to successfully return to their sport. Suffering from repeat or multiple injuries isn’t normal. Don't put up with it any longer.

At Infinite Health, we pride ourselves on our ability to achieve results where others have failed. We do this by delivering an evidence-based exercise program tailored to help each of our athletes conquer any injury, return to sport safely, or workout and run pain-free.

If you are already fit and injury free, we will help you keep yourself that way or better yet, perform better!

Below are three reasons why a personalised exercise program is so important:

1. Certain sports/activities need specific exercises to stimulate a specific response. For example, squat specific hip and ankle mobility training to improve squat depth, target the glutes and offload common injured areas, such as the lower back.

2. Those with unresolved/recurring hamstrings strains need certain stretch and mobility exercises, in combination with specific strength exercises depending on the type of hamstring injury. Yes, believe it or not, there are many different types of hamstring injuries which require specific exercises to fix! This significantly decreases your chance of re-injury, improves your confidence with movement, and thus can also improve performance.

3. Another very common issue we see in those with a history of ankle sprains is a lack of weight-bearing ankle stability and plyometric training. If the previous rehab program hasn’t included advanced balance and multiplanar hopping based exercises, your ankle's capacity will always fall short from what is required from it when running/changing direction.

As you can see, exercise rehab is a fine art and is dependent on certain injuries and sports… not to mention, goals and injury history differs from person to person.

That is why we choose to offer exercise program tailored to your injury and sport/activity. Not just give people generic exercises that may be good for some, but not effective and potentially harmful for others.

Book in for an exercise program now with our expert exercise physiologist to ensure your body and goals are assessed to get you back to sport, out running or lifting pain free.

We have 3 different sports focused exercise programs

Our programs include:

I hope to see you soon!

Patrick Hughes

Infinite Health Exercise Coach


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