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Fix your posture & build core strength!

Officer workers, we have something for you…

Today’s blog post is for the officer workers out there, and/or anyone who wants to improve their posture & core strength, all while reducing any back or neck tension they may have!

If this doesn’t apply to you, please feel free to forward this webpage onto a friend or family member it may help.

At Infinite Health, we very commonly see people coming in reporting they want to improve their posture, complaining about having a rounded upper back, rounded or even shoulders. Or, they frequently complain of ongoing neck, upper traps, shoulders and back tension.

Whether it’s for aesthetic purposes, reducing your tension/tightness, or you feel as if you don’t have the core strength to sustain your ideal posture… exercise can help!

However, the most appropriate & beneficial exercises are very much dependent on how your body/posture presents.

This is why a personalised exercise program is so important.

1. Certain postures need certain exercises to stimulate a specific response. For example, if your upper back doesn’t sit upright, with your shoulders rolled forward and a poked neck, you may likely benefit from some back extension mobility work, pec stretching, combined with deep neck and upper back strengthening.

2. Others may have an excessive arch in their lower back, with an anterior pelvic tilt & chronic tightness in their hip flexors, lower back and hamstrings, and likely benefit from some glute and deep core strengthening, together with specific pelvic awareness drills.

3. Another very common issue we see in office workers are chronic tightness, stiffness & tension in their neck, upper traps and shoulders. Where these people have usually failed is relying too much on massage therapy, whereby their symptoms go away in the short term, but then inevitably return. For these cases, strengthening the endurance of their deep neck muscles and mid back is essential for long term lasting relief of their symptoms.

As you can see, exercise rehab is a fine art and is dependent on certain postures and location of symptoms… not to mention, different goals and injury history from person to person!

That is why we choose to offer exercise programs tailored to your posture and what you’re feeling. Based on a thorough assessment, we take into account your body, your goals, in order to get you working pain/tension free. That way, you can focus more on your job, and less on your body!

We have an exercise program solely focused on officer workers. It's called our Core & Posture program.

Our patients have had great results with it, and we would love the same for you.

I hope to see you soon!

Patrick Hughes

Infinite Health Exercise Coach


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