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Workplace Ergonomics Series - Part 3 : Standing desk/Task breaks

Now we have come to the final series of workplace ergonomics. Even though you have ticked all the essential boxes for your work stations, it is important to maintain it, and modify it if necessary.

In order to prevent accumulation of pressures and overactivity in neck, shoulders and low back you need to take a break every 45-60 mins at least. Standing up, going for a short walk and even doing some stretches can add up and can be a great relief!

Also consider using a workstation that can be converted to a standing desk as this helps provide variation.

The principles remain same as the sitting except that instead of the reclined posture, an upright posture is applied with the chin tucked in, balanced over the centre of gravity.

Please be mindful of taking breaks regularly (45-60mins) and adopt the same reach zones principles as if you are at sitting workstation.

We have discovered all basic and essentials aspects of safe and correct workplace ergonomics for the past three posts and hope they help you setting up your workstation.

So, act now and feel the difference!

If you need help, reach out to our caring and friendly Infinite Health Team Physio at our Chatswood or North Sydney Physiotherapy Clinic. You’ll be glad you did!

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