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3 Simple Hip Warm Up Drills

Here are 3 simple glute dominant drills you can use as a warm up prior to leg workouts or field sessions, or at the end of a session as a burner to strengthen your glutes!

Theese exercises target the hip extensors, hip abductors, and hip external rotators. Working these areas is important for pelvic stability, and can aid in preventing low back, hip and knee pain. It can also improve performance with your lifts and quality of movement on the field/court.

Another good thing about these drills is that you only need one piece of equipment… a loop band!

The exercises:

1️⃣ - Banded 3 point step out - Don’t let the band collapse your ankle inwards… this will also help target your foot & ankle!

2️⃣ - Banded crab walk - having the band around your ankles will make it a bit more challenging for your glutes, give this a go!

3️⃣ - Banded glute bridge w alternating foot lifts - targets pelvic stability and unilateral strength, don’t let your hips drop or tilt when lifting up your foot!

Our caring and friendly Chatswood, North Sydney or Sydney CBD Physio Team would love to help you out, so reach out to us if you have any questions!


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