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Start your Personal Training journey!

New Year, new you? Exclusive personal training promotion

This post is for those looking to become fitter, healthier, stronger or pain-free this year.

Did you know we also offer Personal Training sessions at Infinite Health?

Here at Infinite Health, your 1-on-1 personal training sessions are run by an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist.

This means a tertiary qualified exercise & sports science professional will be coaching you along the way!

The benefits of IH personal training:

  • Fast tracked results! Whether it’s for weight loss or improving your strength, you will be achieving it by engaging in the most evidence-based exercise for your goals!

  • Exercise that is safe & appropriate for you, in a fun and supportive environment

  • Evidence based spinal strengthening programs for back and neck pain

  • Evidence based functional strength and conditioning programs

  • Catered for people with chronic disease such as diabetes and osteopenia

Who it is appropriate for:

  • All fitness levels and age brackets, from 10 years up (yes… even youth athletes benefit from learning how to move better and become stronger)

  • Seniors who may not be comfortable exercising by themselves at home or in a gym

  • Those suffering from previous/current medical conditions or injuries, and need closer supervision than in large gym or group class environments

  • Keen sports persons wanting to improve an ongoing weak area, whilst improving performance in their chosen sport

What's involved when you book in:

  • Firstly, your coach will have a chat with you about your previous and current medical, injury & training history, any goal you’d like to achieve, and assess your body to see what level it’s currently at.

  • After that, your coach will run you through some exercises to perform as part of your warm up, that based on your weaknesses and assessment, will help you to reduce your risk of injury moving forward.

  • From there, the fun begins! Each session will be 1-on-1 closely guided in-clinic training, customised to your goals & your body!

Infinite Health Personal Training is offered only at our Chatswood and North Sydney clinics.

What deals are on offer

We offer 3 different packages:

  • One off sessions

  • 5 packs

  • 10 packs

By purchasing a 10 pack you will also receive an 11th session for free!

We are currently running a 20% off promo for January and February on our 5 & 10 packs, use code PT20 when booking in to redeem your discount.

How to book in?

Click the button below, choose your preferred location, select option 2(A) and fill in your details and enter in the code above into the extra information.

Alternatively, you can call up on 02 9412 2222.


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