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Lumbar Ligamentous Sprain Recovery

G’Day Infinite heathers!

Today’s post showcases the exercise journey of a patient suffering from a lumbar ligamentous sprain over the course of a 3 week period.

The patient experienced pain whilst performing reverse crunches during their exercise class. Initially they presented with severe pain in their spinous process of the lumbar spine and sacrum region. They were unable to bend and sit without aggravating these symptoms.

Treatment was aimed to:

1️⃣ Decrease pain

2️⃣ Restore ROM

3️⃣ Promote healing of injured structures

The videos demonstrates her week to week progressions of exercises. These exercises were combined with manual therapy, in order to achieve the aims outlined above.

Week 1️⃣: Pelvic tilts in standing & sitting, and alternating knee to chest tucks

Week 2️⃣: Hip Hinge flexion/extension, prone cobras on forearms, pelvic tilts on back & segmental glute bridge

Week 3️⃣: Prone cobras on palms, cross body glute stretch, Cat/Cow & Bird/Dog with opposite limb extension

These exercises were incrementally added with specific consideration to the patient's injury and presentation of symptoms. Today's post is not designed as a ‘one fits all’ exercise regime to recover from a ligamentous lumbar strain but rather provide physios with ideas of exercises and clients with an idea on how their recovery should look.

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