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Strength Training for Bone Health

As many of you may know, strength training can help build and maintain muscle mass as well as assist in weight management. But what you may not know is that it can also help build stronger bones!

As we grow older, a combination of factors such as our age, physical inactivity levels and poor nutrition can result in a gradual reduction of our bone health. As our bones grow more fragile, they become more susceptible to fractures or breakages after a fall.

This is known as Osteoporosis, a condition that will likely affect approximately 2/3 women and 1/3 men in Australia, as they get older.

Several studies have shown that strength training can slow the rate of bone loss, with additional studies showing it can even build bone. During strength training, the muscle contracts and ‘pulls’ on the bone. These joint reaction forces (i.e. muscle contractions) encourage the bone to lay down more bone material, increasing its density.

Added to this, strength training targets bones of the hip, spine and wrists, which are the sites most likely to be fractured. Furthermore, workouts using a combination of power and balance can help to enhance strength and stability. This can boost confidence, encourage physical activity, and reduce the likelihood of occurring fractures by cutting down falls.

For more information on strength training, please read the full article here or contact us at Infinite Health Chatswood - Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology & Massage to start your program today.

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