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Workplace Ergonomics Series - Part 1 : General Overview

Most of us spend countless hours in front the desk and computers at work (and even outside work too!) but do not put much attention to the actual set up at work – the ergonomics.

Poor workplace ergonomics induces poor posture that can lead to severe neck and back problems.

Therefore, it is worthwhile noting and reflecting back on your actual work set up and follow the principles and key factors that we are about to explore!

General set up of your work station should ideally be :

- Distance to screen about full arm’s length

- Top of the screen at eye level

- Back rest reclined 10-20 degrees

- Forearms horizontal to desk with shoulder’s relaxed

- Knees at about 90 degrees

Start assessing yourself at work and look after your body!

Our caring and friendly Infinite Health Physio Team in Chatswood or North Sydney would love to help you out, so reach out to us if you have any questions !

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