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Lower Back Pain - Myths and Realities

There are many myths and misconceptions that we as health practitioners hear on a daily basis. Today’s post aims to dispel the top 3 rumours we hear about low back pain that simply aren’t true.

“Low back pain means you have damaged your spine”

People often assume that when they have a sore low back, there must be some kind of physical damage. Phrases like “degeneration” and “slipped disc” are thrown around far to carelessly, even by some health practitioners. Well over 90% of back pain is NOT caused by these kind of serious pathologies. Your spine is actually much stronger and more robust than you think. So when your back is sore, don’t panic, just go and see your physio and get it sorted. “You need to rest to heal when you have hurt your back” This one is also a myth that we hear a lot. People tend to assume that bed rest is the best thing to speed up their recovery, when in fact the opposite is true. Countless studies have shown that movement and gentle exercise is the best thing for back pain. I’ll say it again; your spine is much stronger than you think!

It is important to note that relative rest is sometimes indicated, e.g. if you hurt your back doing heavy deadlifts then don’t go out the next day and keep deadlifting, but don’t go and lie in bed all day either! Stay active!⠀ “Physios treat sport injuries and chiropractors treat back pain” We’ve all had clients that will go to physio for a sporting injury and go to a chiro when they hurt their back or neck. The truth is that both types of health practitioners will usually treat both types of injury. Physio’s are equally qualified to manage spinal pain and injury. From spinal/neuro-surgery rehab, to spinal sporting injuries, spinal workplace injuries, chronic back/neck pain etc. Ultimately it’s about finding the right health practitioner for you, regardless if they are a chiro or physio or something else. But if you have a good physio whom you trust, don’t be afraid to ask them about your back or neck pain, they will know how to help!

If you have any questions, we are always ready to help : reach out to one of our Infinite Health Team physiotherapist at our Chatswood or North Sydney clinic!

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