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Getting Started with Foam Rolling

Pre activity foam rolling

Is an integral part of the warm up process as it prepares the tissues and nervous system for the upcoming demand. It should be followed by your motor control exercises as prescribed by your physio at Infinite Health Physiotherapy Chatswood.

Benefits of using foam roller prior to activity includes:

  1. Increased blood flow

  2. Optimised length-tension relationship of a muscle/tissue

  3. Improved biomechanics/movement efficiency

  4. Psychological ramp up

Post activity foam rolling

Should be used a major part of our cool down program as it benefits us both physically and psychologically. Foam rolling is a much better alternative to over stretching our already sore and worn down muscles. It aids with promoting circulation and flushing of metabolic wastes as well. Focusing on slow, deep diaphragmatic breathing allows our body to settle psychologically.

Benefits of foam rolling post activity include:

  1. Flush tissue

  2. Improves elasticity of tissue

  3. Begin recovery process

  4. Slows heart rate

  5. Psychological relaxation


Breathing is an important aspect of movement. If we are holding our breath or not breathing properly our movement will be affected. Similarly, if you are holding your breath while foam rolling the pressure is too great. Decrease the pressure by taking more weight with your hands or legs immediately.

Proper alignment is essential while foam rolling. The posture that we hold during the rolling is the posture that our bodies will settle into post rolling. Engage your trunk stabilisers and maintain a neutral spine whenever possible.

For more information regarding foam rolling techniques and the ideal foam roller for you, get in touch with one of our expert sport physiotherapists at Infinite Health Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy Chatswood.

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