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Hamstring Strength, Injury Reduction and Rehabilitation: The Supine Hip Extension with Leg Curl (SHE

Hamstring strains are one of the most common injuries known to plague athletes involved in activities and sport which require running. The reason for this is the fact that the hamstring is a long muscle which crosses over 2 joints (knee & hip) which places it under a significant load in various positions. Without sufficient rehabilitation, strengthening and conditioning there is a high risk of reinjury on return to sport.

Treating a hamstring injury is a complex process that requires identification and addressing of all the potential causative factors that led to the injury. A comprehensive treatment should at the very least look at muscle flexibility, timing and activation, movement biomechanics specific to the sport, as well as conditioning program specific to the sport itself.

Today, we will be identifying 2 highly effective hamstring exercises that have a solid reputation and are well known to coaches, athletes and our team at Infinite Health Physiotherapy Chatswood.

The Nordic Hamstring Curl

The NHC strengthens the hamstrings as knee flexors and increases hamstrings length. There is no doubt among physiotherapists and strength coaches that Nordic Curls can help prevent hamstrings strains and are an excellent choice to get athletes ready to return to competition in the later stages of hamstring injury rehabilitation.

The Supine Hip Extension with Leg Curl

The SHELC is a another important exercise to incorporate into the strengthening phase of your hamstring rehabilitation program. It mimics the Nordic Curl but the difference is it hammers both glutes and hamstrings.

These exercises may seem easy, but beware that performing them incorrectly with poor form and technique may cause you more harm than good. Before beginning any form of exercise, you should discuss with your physiotherapist if these exercises are in fact appropriate for you.

Here at Infinite Health Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy Chatswood, your physiotherapist will identify and make modifications to develop the most effective and efficient exercise for you to continue independently at home.

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