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Ankle Sprain: End Stage Rehab 2 - Basketball

Progressing on from basketball specific ankle rehab exercises onto more basketball specific movement and footwork/conditioning drills :

All exercises shown are designed to improve athletic performance by improving ball handling skills, footwork speed, lower body coordination, aerobic conditioning and forward drive/acceleration.⠀ ⠀

- Dribbling through hexagons (or an agility ladder) - focus on having soft hands and being in control of the ball at all times, build up good rhythm and then develop your speed of dribbling. Once you’ve got that down, add in sending and receiving a pass as quickly as possible from your partner before turning and driving up the court with the ball.⠀ - Add in some footwork drills (get inventive!) - a lateral two-step drill, followed by a forward in and out drill, then a lateral in and out drill. Once again, build up a rhythm first then gradually build up speed. Once you have that down, add in receiving and sending a pass as quickly as possible before driving up the court without the ball.⠀ Work on your weaknesses! Always fine tune your game and strive to do the things you struggle with better and better each time.

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