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Most Common Injuries Series - Part 4 : AFL (Australian Rules Football)

This is part 4 of our “Most Common Injuries” series.

Today’s focus – AFL 🏉

An epidemiology study of professional AFL in Australia (Orchard & Seward, 2007) examined 4 full seasons of data on injuries, from 1997-2000.

They found that:

- the seasonal incidence of new injuries was 39 per club (of 40 players)⠀ - the most common and prevalent injury was hamstring strain (six injuries per club per season, resulting in 21 missed matches per club per season)⠀ - followed in prevalence by anterior cruciate ligament and groin injuries


- have adequate flexibility and mobility, especially hamstring length - have great strength and endurance of the posterior chain muscles; glutes, hamstrings and calves - have the endurance to last the season (injuries are more likely when you’re tired!) - train the hamstring muscle in loads of different ways: open chain, closed chain, concentric, eccentric, isometric, plyometric, strength, endurance, motor control, compound movements, functional exercises etc.

Reference:⠀ Orchard, J., & Seward, H. (2002). Epidemiology of injuries in the Australian Football League, seasons 1997–2000. British journal of sports medicine, 36(1), 39-44

If you need help, reach out to our caring and friendly team at our Chatswood or North Sydney Physiotherapy Clinic. You’ll be glad you did.

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