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Workplace Ergonomics Series - Part 2 : Reach Zones

Previously, we explored an ideal workstation setup for everyday use to increase awareness of posture to prevent any possible body aches. Once your sitting posture is upright and well setup you need consider different reach zones to further complete your workstation.

The zones are divided into three parts according to usage:

Primary Zone - Things you are constantly using. You don’t want to reach at all in this zone best for the Keyboard and the mouse.

Secondary Zone - You don’t want to reach far to get objects in this zone. Less often used things are located in this zone like phones and files.

Outer zone - The things that you only use occasionally are located in this zone such as drink bottles, less frequently used files and stationary. A good excuse to take a break from prolonged sitting and move about out of the seat!

Continue setting up your workstation with proper reach zones and maintain your posture!

Any questions, we are always ready to help : reach out to our caring and friendly Infinite Health Physio Team in Chatswood or North Sydney, we would love to help you out.

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