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Big Toe Mobility

The big toe is a very underestimated player when it comes to foot and ankle problems. Big toe mobility is often not picked up, and can have huge implications on common problems such as plantarfasciopathy, ankle issues and calf injuries.

In the foot & ankle joint series generally, Big toe > Needs mobility Mid foot > Needs stability Ankle > Needs mobility Deficiencies in any of these areas will affect our gait pattern (walking, jogging & running) which results in overloading or compensation from other adjacent structures & tissues to the point where an injury could potentially occur.

In this video, we've put together a series of exercises targeting big toe mobility.

1) Big toe flexion PNF stretch: Targets the tissues on the TOP part of the toe/foot

2) Spiky ball massage: Targets the foot musculature

3) Big toe extension stretch: Targets the tissues on the BOTTOM part of the toe/foot

If you need help, reach out to our caring and friendly team at our Chatswood, North Sydney or Sydney CBD Physiotherapy Clinic. You’ll be glad you did!

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