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Ease Lower-Back Pain Whilst at Work!

Do you experience discomfort and pain around your lower back throughout the day? This post has you covered!!

This post showcases some exercises that may help you reduce stiffness/tightness in your back region that can typically cause you discomfort/pain.

We have specifically chosen these exercises as they are easily able to be performed anywhere!! Allowing you to experience relief throughout your working day.

🎥 Exercises:

1️⃣ Thoracic extension wall slides against the wall - Aim to improve thoracic mobility

2️⃣ Pelvic tilts against the wall - Aims to improve pelvic control/positioning

3️⃣ QL stretch - Aims to stretch muscles along the sides of the lower back

4️⃣ Glute stretch - Decreasing tension around the glute region can potentially reduce tension/discomfort around the lower back

5️⃣ Hip abduction against the wall - Increasing neuromuscular activation to the glutes, can potentially increase stability of the pelvis/lower back, reducing tension/discomfort in this area

If you need help, reach out to our caring and friendly team at our Chatswood, North Sydney or Sydney CBD Physiotherapy Clinic. You’ll be glad you did!


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