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Fire Up Your Glutes!

The following post is IDEAL for those with LAZY glutes!

The exercises in this post are focused on improving the neuromuscular activation of your glutes, in order to improve your brain's awareness of the area and thus generate a better neural pathway to the musculature.

The exercises here:

1️. 3 part side lying hip activation sequence - hip external rotation → hip abduction → hip extension. Pause in each position before moving onto the next. Don’t let your back arch with the hip extension component. Try 2x15 reps e/s

2️. Frog bridges - create hip external rotation with hip extension (generating activation through glute max and glute med). Try 2x15 reps.

3️. Single leg glute bridge holds - set your pelvis properly to take out your lumbar spine, this ensures your hip extension is primarily coming through the glute max. Try 5x15-30 sec holds, e/s

4️. Banded hip thrust w paused holds - incorporating glute max, medius and minimus through the use of hip extension with hip abduction (driving out against) the band, using a hold at the top to improve neural activation. 3x15-20 reps

5️. Similar to above, but not incorporating SL work. Try 3x8-12 reps.

Our caring and friendly Chatswood, North Sydney and Sydney CBD Physio Team would love to help you out, so reach out to us if you have any questions!


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