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10 Reasons You Could Benefit From a Massage at Work

Ever thought about having a Workplace Massage in your office? Besides feeling great and having your staff love you for it, here are the 10 top reasons why it would benefit both your staff and the company as a whole.

1) Relieves muscle tension & pain in the areas of the body most commonly affected by workplace routine i.e the shoulders, neck, back, arms and hands.

2) Reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue and confusion. Cortisol levels decrease after receiving a massage.

3) The mood state is less depressed. Questionnaires have shown that job stress scores are decreased post massage.

4) Decreased systolic and diastolic blood pressure following a massage.

5) Boosts productivity! Studies have shown increased relaxation and improvement of mental clarity as well as enhanced alertness.

6) Improves office morale! It represents a supportive way for your staff to seek advice from a therapist on particular health issues.

7) Preventing repetitive strain injuries! This advice could involve posture, exercise, diet or in some cases, a referral to another health care professional. That may avoid later OH&S issues.

8) We come to you, which minimises any disruption in normal work flow and means your staff are still at work if needed.

9) It provides a proven, practical response to the organization’s OH&S obligations.

10) Showing employee appreciation. The staff really appreciates being cared for - by a therapist and management alike.

If you would like to organize a Workplace Massage for your workplace, get in touch with us here at Infinite Health Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy Chatswood 9412 2222.

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