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7 Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries This Summer!

Summer is the high season for overuse injuries. It is a time when more people are outside and active after being cooped up indoors for the winter. Thus, we often jump back into sports in full swing despite being a little out of shape.

Common injuries during the summer time include tendinopathies, stress fractures and pulled muscles, just to name a few.

Here are a few good tips to help you prevent injuries this coming summer:

1. Stay hydrated – good nutrition and hydration keeps the muscles working efficiently, so that you’re less likely to have a cramp or pull a muscle. For activities longer than an hour, a sports drink with electrolytes can be beneficial, but drinks like this tend to be high in sugar so shouldn’t be consumed outside of endurance activities.

2. Warm-up properly – bad habits from poor form or technique during your warm-up can sometimes result in both acute injuries or chronic injuries like tendinopathy. Learn out to warm up properly so that your body is moving well before you start your chosen activity.

3. Find a workout partner – having a friend with you not only makes the sport or activity more fun, but also means you will have someone there to aid you in case you become dehydrated or start overheating during the hot weather.

4. Get the proper equipment – an effective way to prevent injury is to wear the proper shoes, this means wearing the sport specific shoe and on the surface it’s meant for. Ensure you have shoes with good arch support and firm heel support, especially if you have flat feet or pronate when you walk.

5. Be mindful – for runners, being mindful of where you run and how you run can be just as important as proper shoes. Don’t always run on the road, run on the sidewalk, track, or trail, and with different curves or hills to keep your run interesting.

6. Prepare your muscles – build the target muscles for the sport or activity you’re getting back into. Strength training can help increase the amount of load your muscles can take, preventing overuse injuries as well as improving performance.

7. Get out there – get out there and have fun! Summertime is a great opportunity to be outside, ensuring you stay fit and healthy.

If you would like to know more tips on how to prevent injuries this coming summer then contact us today at Infinite Health Chatswood - Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Massage Therapy on 02 9412 2222. If you’d like to read more then please feel free to click here for the full article.

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