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3 Landmine Exercises to Improve Your Upper Limb Health

Today, we introduce you to 3 great landmine exercises you can add to your upper limb rehab/prehab program, or to include in your shoulders workouts in order to stay injury free!

1) Bent over landmine scap retractions - starting off in a bent over position, neutral spine, ‘core’ engaged, roll your shoulder blade back and down. Start with your shoulder blade out (protract) like so then glide it in towards your spine (retract). This will develop better awareness of your scapula position and improve your stability and strength with rows/pulls. This can be done with either a pronated, supinated or neutral grip (facing the landmine). 2) Half kneeling Serratus Anterior presses - in a position as shown, roll your shoulder blades back and down, press the barbell up overhead, hold that position and push the barbell up using only your shoulder blade, then control your shoulder blade down. This trains all movements required for good shoulder health - upward rotation, elevation, downward rotation and depression. 3) Half kneeling Cuban press - same position as above, roll your shoulder blades back and down, lift the barbell up then rotate your elbow underneath it, press up and extend your arm. This is exercise is great as it works your shoulder stabilisers and serratus anterior, both of which are crucial for prolonged shoulder health!

Give them a go and our caring and friendly Chatswood or North Sydney Physio team would love to help you out, so reach out to us if you have any questions.

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