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Are you 55 years or older?

This is a call our to all the mature readers aged 55 years or older, who are young at heart and wanting to keep their body that way too!

If you’re not that age then all good, feel free to keep reading, or forward this webpage onto your parents or seniors in your circle.

At Infinite Health, we pride ourselves on delivering evidence-based exercise programs to help our seniors get on top of any condition, and stay in front of the ageing process.

If you are already healthy and fit, we will help to keep you that way.

Why you will benefit from a personalised exercise program

Often, in this age group, people don’t know how we can help, that pain is something they shouldn’t have to put up with, or that certain conditions need certain exercises to stimulate a specific response. For example, impact and resistance training for bone growth, in order to reduce osteoporosis.

Additionally, those with high blood glucose levels need high intensity cardio and compound resistance training (working multiple muscles at once), in order to induce large scale muscular contractions. These muscle contractions require more energy, which comes in the form of glucose from the bloodstream.

Alternatively, you might also have a degenerative knee condition requiring more gradual progressive strengthening of the knees and hips, in order to reduce flare ups caused by arthritis, whilst working on reducing pain, stiffness and weakness caused by these conditions.

As you can see, there are specific ways you should exercise according to different conditions… not to mention, different goals and injury history from person to person!

That is why we choose to offer exercise programs tailored to your condition, that based on a thorough assessment, takes into account your body, your goals, in order to improve your quality of life…. Not just give people generic workouts that may be good for some, but not effective and potentially harmful for others.

We have 6 different strength & balance focused exercise programs, targeted at common conditions for this age group

Our programs include:

Joint & Spine (Osteoarthritis)


Bone Strength (Osteoporosis)

Health Hearts

Core & Posture

Bulletproof your knees

But hey, don’t just take my word for it… click on the button below and see for yourself!

I hope to see you soon!

Patrick Hughes

Infinite Health Exercise Coach


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