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3 Killer Landmine Exercises for Athletes

Here are a few great exercises that you can do with a landmine in order to improve your athletic performance. The benefits of these include developing your kinetic chain - learning how to generate force from the ground up, utilising rotational strength, as well as improving explosive power, cardiovascular health and enhancing motor skills.

1) Split Stance Shoulder Press - too frequently this exercise is done with no leg drive, generating all the force from your shoulders. Although this may be useful if you’re a bodybuilder wanting to develop big delts (and also turn into a robot).... for the average person or athlete, this is not how our body is supposed to move! Instead, load up your legs, transfer that force through to your trunk, into your shoulders and arms, in order to create movement (for e.g. throwing a punch in boxing).

2) Landmine Clean & Jerk - an exercise not as commonly done with a landmine but has the added benefit of creating a unilateral asymmetrical load through the legs, torso and arms. 3) Lunge Twist & Press - we find this to be a great exercise in coordinating the lower body to assist in generating rotational power (think loading up through the legs to generate power into a forehand in tennis). Give them a go and if you need help, reach out to our caring and friendly team at our Chatswood or North Sydney Physiotherapy Clinic. You’ll be glad you did.

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