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Best Exercise Programs for Seniors Aged 55+

This is a call out to all our mature readers aged 55 years or older, who are young at heart and wanting to keep their body that way too!

If you’re not that age then feel free to forward this email onto your parents or seniors in your circle.

At Infinite Health, we pride ourselves on delivering evidence-based exercise programs to help our seniors get on top of any condition and stay in front of the ageing process.

That is why we have created our seniors specific exercise programs, called Strength and Balance Programs!

Why you will benefit from one of our Strength and Balance exercise programs

Often, in this age group, people don’t know how we can help, that pain is something they shouldn’t have to put up with, or that certain conditions need certain exercises to stimulate a specific response. For example, impact and resistance training for bone growth, with balance training to prevent falls in those with osteoporosis/osteopenia.

Additionally, you might also have a degenerative knee condition (such as arthritis) requiring more gradual progressive strengthening of the knees and hips, in order to reduce flare ups, pain, stiffness and weakness caused by these conditions.

It is very common for our seniors population to have more than one area of concern/ condition, and with thousands of exercises online… How do you know where to start, what is best for you, how to exercise safely and according to your goals?

This is why we offer exercise programs tailored to your condition, that are based on a thorough assessment, and take into account your body, time available for exercise, and what activities you’d like to be able to do to live your best life.

We have 6 different programs targeting the most common conditions for this age group.

Our programs include:

Joint & Spine (Osteoarthritis)


Bone Strength (Osteoporosis)

Health Hearts

Core & Posture

Bulletproof your knees

The types of Exercises our Seniors need most!

By now I'm sure you are starting to understand what you need to improve the most on - your strength & balance!

So, here's a few exercises that you can start on as a glimpse into our most frequently prescribes exercises for the conditions mentioned above:

  1. Clams: this exercise strengthens the hip muscle that controls the stability of your pelvis and knee, and is most commonly weakened in those with lower back, hip and knee pain. Click here to check it out. Try just body weight first, if that's too easy then use a band.

  2. Bird-dogs: this exercise strengthens your spinal muscles and core stabilisers, and is a great exercise for those when osteoporosis/osteopenia in their lower back. Click here to see!

  3. Single leg balance pendulum swings: this exercise improves your single leg stability, balance, and thus helps prevent falls risk! Click here to give it a go.

  4. Cat cow: this is a mobility exercise for your spine, working on improving your ability to reach down to the ground and extend back upwards, which can also improve your posture. Click here to get started.

Who runs our Strength and Balance programs?

Our Exercise Physiologist, Pat! Pat works with all different types of conditions with varying age groups of 55-85 years. He works with conditions from osteopenia, diabetes, weight loss, knee arthritis, low back pain & postural strengthening.

See EP Pat below working on improving some knee strength!

Don’t just take our word for it though, instead check out this awesome review by one of Pat's patients!

C. Miller - “The service at Infinite Health has been fantastic. Highly recommend their exercise physiology services, Pat has helped me return to day to day activities and exercise sooner than expected with a chronic condition. I feel confident that any problems arising with exercise technique are identified and targeted early to ensure I continue to make progress. Thank you!”

Want to check out our programs for yourself?

Click the button below!

We are also currently running an introductory offer of $15 off your initial consult!

Keen to check out our Office Workers Program, focusing on improving posture and core strength? Click here

Are you a weekend warrior or athlete? Check out our Sports Programs for gym goers, sportspersons and runners! Click here


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