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Ankle Pain & Squats

Are you experiencing ankle pain when you squat? If so, try these drills!

Ankle mobility drills are usually the missing key to perfecting the overall squat movement and keeping your ankles pain free. A lack of ankle mobility is usually linked with having poor foot biomechanics, such as poor ankle dorsiflexion, arch support, and joint space, which can usually be accompanied with that famous pinch at the front of your ankle!

So, we recommend the following exercises in order to keep your ankles pain free whilst grinding away under that bar!

Banded ankle distraction:

Best to do this drill laying down, with the lower leg and foot elevated under a foam roller. Attach the band around the lower portion of your ankle joint and feel it pull the ankle away from the body. At the same time, dorsiflex your foot back and forth (point toes to head).

Low bar squat with posterior band pull:

Attach the band around the lower portion of the ankle whilst it pulls in a posterior direction (or behind your body) as you squat. Kneeling tibial internal rotation mob:

Place hand on lower aspect of ankle joint and apply a downward & inward pressure. The other hand is on your knee, applying downward pressure. Now, rotate the tibia/shin. Repeat 10 rotations clock + anti~clock wise. Give the above drills ago! Remember to sit back on those heels, drive that weight up and stand tall with that improved ankle dorsiflexion!

Who to see for this issue:

If you are currently experiencing ankle or foot pain when you squat and are yet to see an appropriate health professional for diagnosis, the best person to see is a sports physiotherapist. Click below to learn more!

If however, you have been suffering from this condition for a while, aren't in acute sharp pain and are more so feeling stiffness & tightness, as well as decreased ankle range of motion or excessive pronation, the best person to see is an exercise physical therapist. Click below to learn more!

Struggling with this injury and in need of some help? Got questions about future injury prevention? We have 4 clinics in Sydney conveniently located for you to choose from - Sydney CBD, North Sydney, Chatswood & Mosman.

Alternatively, if you’re not from our area we have an online rehab platform available, suitable for anyone based anywhere in the world. Click the button below to check out our page!

Keen to learn about knee pain whilst squatting? Click here to read another blog post!

Otherwise, we hope you enjoyed the read!

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